Is back pain your silent annoying companion, ruining your daily life and preventing you from enjoying so many activities? This condition is sadly so common, that people simply accept to live with it, polluting their organisms with pain killers which become less and less efficient and provide only a temporary solution anyway.

But have you tried to pause this nightmare and actually establish its causes and potential cures? Maybe it’s time to become fully aware of the problem, its roots, and its resolution. Depending on the seriousness, it can be an operation, but before turning to such extreme, abrupt and invading options, why not consider some others which involve natural remedies, taking longer time, but also giving long-term results.

This is one of the best alternative remedies for back pain. It implies inserting thin needles at certain points under your skin to help alleviate the pain. Acupuncture is especially efficient in cases of muscle spasms and nerve-related pains. It will probably take several sessions to achieve the wished result, but you’ll feel pain relieve after each of them. This soothing effect can last from several hours to several weeks after the treatment. It will probably take several therapy rounds, but the results will definitely be longer lasting.

Physical exercise has been proved to have a positive effect on relieving the back pain. Of course, it has to be moderate and controlled in order not to cause the counter effect. You can choose light stretching, walking or a recommended workout program. Also, you can opt for specific activities who have been testified to benefit the back pain alleviation, such as Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates.

Whatever you take up, be persistent yet moderate and careful. Physical exercise will help you strengthen your muscles and improve not only your back condition but your overall health.

This alternative method has turned out to do wonders for even the most complicated back problems. It is based on manual spine manipulation by the chiropractor. If you want to learn more about chiropractors, consult this article

It is said to sometimes work better than most other treatments. Again, just like with acupuncture, you will probably need several sessions, but you will feel significantly better after each one, and the results could be as long lasting as several months. When choosing a chiropractor, make sure it is a professional recommended to you either by your general practitioner or someone from your close friends and family.

Herbal Remedies
There are many herbal creams and ointments, but also capsules which believed to help with back pain. They may not be as efficient as the previous ones, but they will still certainly do much less damage to your organism than any medicine.

Some of the suggested options are capsaicin cream, which is a form of cayenne pepper, or the extract of white willow which is similar to aspirin. Another of your natural allies against the back ache is the herb called the Devil’s claw which can be used in the form ointment you put on your skin, or as a capsule, tablet or liquid for ingestion.

Relaxing Techniques
There is a treatment called biofeedback which uses special equipment to give you information about your body’s reactions. It is usually performed at the therapist’s office. It teaches you breathing and relaxation techniques to help you ease the pain. Then there is the method of progressive relaxation where you learn how to improve your back condition by tightening and relaxing certain groups of muscles. Finally, there is meditation used for mindfulness-based stress reduction.

The best thing about these methods is they are natural, not invasive and cause no harm to your organs. All these techniques are helpful as such, but it would definitely be ideal to combine them all for the most efficient result.

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