In the restless world around us, the need for a moment of peace is often acutely felt. Living in this century resembles some old movie, where people of the future became robots, doing all day long the same routine. The sense of not “enough time” or “too many responsibilities” is so frequent that it’s a wonder our bodies don’t collapse.

No wonder more and more people search for a way to ease this pressure. Many books, videos and courses offer an answer, simple at first sight, but challenging for the usual wandering mind. The solution is RELAXATION.

Many of us heard this advice from their friends, doctor, colleagues and bosses, but we just can’t master the feeling. How can we relax when there are so many things demanding our attention and problem solving capabilities? I’m sure there are lots of different methods to do it, some easier to approach than others, but the one I’ve tested and seemed pleasant and efficient enough to repeat, is relaxation with the senses.

Let’s see what this means by taking a closer look.
Relaxation implies a comfortable place to sit, stand or lay on; but it also means a state of mind that transposes you to another place and time. Sometimes, the place and time disappear altogether. This is where your senses intervene.

SIGHT is one of the most used physical sense, and it highly influences our perception of things. In the process of relaxation, even if our eyes are closed, we can still make use of it… in our imagination – by remembering beautiful places and sweet moments of our lives or creating new and wonderful ones. See the colors and shapes in your mind, bathe in the light of your own universe or enjoy the calming shadows of past events. Your physical eyes may be resting, but a whole new world opens before your inner sight.

HEARING is the sense that helps us recognize people and connect with the environment. A familiar sound often heightens our emotions. Using sounds in our relaxation process will help us reach that state much faster. A way of doing it can be playing a pleasant music in the background, but this is not the only method. Try to combine sight with hearing in your imagination. “Hear” the sounds in your memories or in the new made up experiences. The more senses you use, the more realistic it will feel.

TOUCH brings everything a consistency that makes it reliable. Imagine the way things feel, and see yourself touching all around you. Touch your hands, face, hair, the objects you have beside you, feel the warmth or chill of the environment.

TASTE and SMELL are linked together. When you smell something usually you can feel its taste in your mouth.

Use these powerful sensations to define your mental image and help your body relax. The advantage in using all your senses to enter into a relaxed state is that you are less susceptible to distractions.

Being in your own safe and wonderful place tricks the mind and makes it believe the truth you are building. It also acts like a closed door to the world around you, that only you can open at your own accord.

Even if this exercise does not come easy to you from the start, don’t give up. Practice it until you’ll be the master of your thoughts and thus the lord of your body.

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I'm a publisher on and my main interest is holistic medicine. I love reading and writing about animals and nature too, since my profession is of Veterinary doctor. Spirituality and health are also domains in my list of interests.