It's always recommended to allow actual space for an unhindered relationship to manifest into your experience. That is, clean out a closet, and some drawers. Allow your space for living to be conducive for two people to live comfortable. And while that's important, it's of even greater importance to create space for your emotions.

Think of releasing as giving yourself freedom from the past. Imagine releasing your emotions and releasing old habits of thought about relationships as forgiveness. You are creating energetic space for the wonderful, new, healthy, and whole relationship to show up into.

I can hear a lot of you at this moment saying, "Yeah but, I don't think he really has to be allowed to be let go for his behavior. It was in the wrong and that is just that!" Watch the energy you're let be cut off from your power. This is a trickle in your energy field and over time, it'll deplete your energy, if it hasn't already. Furthermore, that eventual energy depletion holds you from having all of your power focused in this present moment. When you do not have your power in the moment, do you think you're going to be an amazing, deliberate creator? It causes it to be that much more difficult.

Take your full power back by releasing and letting go of your history, of self-judging that weigh you down, clutter up your energy field and block you from going forward to having the life you have always wanted to live. Empowering yourself with the Law of Attraction is amazingly powerful for Relationship Attraction, and it's not difficult to understand.

I've noticed that the topic of forgiveness can be a heavy one. I am not speaking of the kind of forgiving where we are excusing another person's poor behavior. It's important to have solid boundaries set for you. To understand how you feel concerning who you desire in your life and those who you don't. How you want to spend your time and with what people. It's important to know what functions well for you and what does not. The method in which you invest your time and energy and with what people, what feels good and what feels like an energy drain.

Forgiving is not a moral position. It isn't about the rightness or wrongness of anything. Forgiveness is releasing those pains, slights, abuses, losses, grudges, and creating space for what you DO desire to show up. Morality has little to do with forgiveness.

Do your very best at evaporating the past by releasing and forgiving yourself and others. This'll give you a clean canvas on which to manifest your perfect loving relationship.

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