For you who have built a long term relationship with children involve, may feel that your life has ended when your life partner is no longer in your life and it is true, you have to go through a death, a letting go.

Getting the news

For some people after getting the news, knew that it was coming and are happy and relief that one of them had the courage to do so and for others it is a constant nightmare, it is as if you have to live without a part of you and you don’t know if it is possible.

In the beginning it would seem all of the feeling, memories keep flooding in and it is difficult to let them go although you were told that it is good for you to let them go, your heart hurt all the time for that meant is your relationship as you know it to be is ended and you do not want to go their even in your thoughts.

What will I do with my life

Someone please wake me up, tell me that this is not true, that my world that I once knew is not ended and I am not on my own again, like I was before I got married are part of your daily thoughts.

What will I do with my life, how my family will look at me, will they consider me to be a failure, do I have to go back and live at my parents again to save money until I get on my feet, someone please make it stop, this nightmare are also part of the haunting thought and feelings.

Cannot plan ahead

You realize that you cannot plan ahead, neither for the day; you live minute by minute that is all you can hope for, you realize that you are not useful at work yet you have to make an effort and act like you are there.

You realize eating is not part of your thinking, although you know in time you will get through this, you still are not there.

Emotional ups and down

You go months with these feeling and the emotional ups and down from love to betrayal, to hurt, sadness and anger, then you realize there are people around you can talk to, not the same people that you been complaining and whining to, a new group of people.

Demands from you

The kids, depending on their age, when they are small indirectly demands from you to come back to reality and deal with your pain in the chest and in your solar plexus, the heart.

You hope when your children are older they can do things for themselves so you ask them the least to do.

You are at a crossroad as an adult to change your children’s life by getting them involve in your problems with their other parent or you can not blame or use words that will affect your children view of their parents.

Get up the courage

You finally get up the courage to say to yourself that you are not going to let one person who does not like you anymore dictate to you mentally that you are nothing without them.

You realize that with deep reflection and work on yourself, you are lovable and you allow other people to come into your life and have a new relationship.

No it is not easy to start over for this is what it feels like yet it is in your best interest for you to make that next step and allow yourself to give and receive love again.

Conclusion: You may or may not fine comfort in knowing that others have past through the difficulty that you are going through and was able to make a life with joy again.

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