Learning more about a Relapse Prevention Plan

When a person relapses it usually isn’t a spur the moment event. A relapse usually consists of a three-part process that includes emotional relapse, mental relapse and physical relapse. Outlining a Relapse Prevention Plan a person can recognize their own personal behaviors and triggers that can point to a relapse in the future.

If a person has relapsed before, they will have some idea of what lead to that relapse and how it can be prevented. With the help of someone who has knowledge of the topic such a counselor, you can begin a step by step outline of your prevention plan. A relapse prevention plan can be verbalized or written to have a clearer outline of what steps to take.

Things to include in a Relapse Prevention Plan

1. Triggers - list of places, people, and things that have potential of leading to a relapse
2. Cravings
3. Healthy tools – a list that can be helpful in your recovery such as support meetings, keeping a journal.
4. Recovery Program Tools – 12 step program, sponsor

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