Self-confidence is essential in our lives. When our bodies are healthy and displaying a natural look, that feeling improves our confidence. Your skin doesn't look good by having some wrinkles, and it portrays how aged we are or even indicates that we may be passing through certain problems, making us look old. Therefore, it is important to get services from experts who take care of our skin, making it look better. Through her specializations, Dr. Tiffany Su in Houston provides a wide variety of health services that meet your personalized needs. Call or book a consultation to discuss how to achieve your beauty goals.

 Getting a health practice that offers all these health aspects under one roof is priceless and having access to all that is even more invaluable. The team of specialists in Skin Shop medSpa provides various comprehensive health services under one roof to meet all your needs.

What is a med spa?

A medical spa involves the combination of a day spa and a medical aesthetic center under the supervision of a specialized medical aesthetic doctor. Unlike a typical day spa where you receive various relaxation treatments, a medspa involves more complex cosmetic procedures performed by a medical professional.

A med spa focuses on providing cosmetic treatments to improve your appearance and restore life quality.

What treatments can you find in a medspa?

At Skin Shop medSpa, the team offers Botox and fillers to fight aging signs and enhance your natural beauty.


Botox is an injectable form of medication used for various health reasons. Botox can interfere with communications between motor neurons and muscles. It is an effective treatment for headaches and migraines.

Botox is also a cosmetic treatment for fine facial lines, forehead lines, and frown lines. Besides, it helps minimize wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles.


Fillers are a cosmetic treatment that occurs in the form of an injection. They are thick in their consistencies. They help reduce fine lines by restoring facial volume and enhancing its fullness. It has several benefits on your skin, including:

  • Improves your face symmetry
  • Defines your lips
  • Decreases shadows below your lower eyelids
  • Enhances your facial contours
  • Adds volume on cheeks and temples
  • Reduces facial wrinkles
  • Softens indented scars

Your provider offers the best dermal fillers available to meet your desired goals at Skin Shop medSpa. The qualified provider follows the set protocols to ensure a successful treatment and provide natural-looking results.

Other treatments offered in a medspa include:

  • PDO threads
  • Intramuscular injections
  • Micro-needling
  • IV therapy
  • PRP

What to consider when looking for a med spa?

It is critical to be careful when settling for a medspa. Be sure to look for a medspa with the following:

  • Has proper certifications
  • Have qualified long-term medical practitioners
  • Follows all the set safety procedures
  • Provides individualized treatment options

To sum up, a medspa performs its treatments under the supervision of a board-certified medical esthetician. It is essential to ensure you receive your skin-care treatments from a certified medspa. Visit Skin Shop medSpa to receive quality aesthetic treatments with effective and long-term results.

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