Do you think that you are generally a positive person and that you smile more than you frown? Or are you the type of person who always only see the bad side of things and situations? Whether you believe it or not, your mood will actually affect your health! When you are stressed, your body may even experience physical symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure and many other more health problems. Additionally, stress will also cause your body to release more cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which will cause your body to accumulate more fats and even burn off lean muscle mass! Decreasing your stress levels is very important if you want to lose weight effectively and quickly.

A great way to do this will be to make sure that you wake up feeling happy! Many people hate waking up in the morning to go to work or school. A simple way to help you feel better in the morning is to set up some small delights for yourself to enjoy the night before. For instance, if you like the smell of fresh brewed coffee, you can even get a coffee pot with a timer function and have it brew several minutes before your alarm rings in the morning.

Next of all, you should set a positive goal for yourself. Whenever you have a goal to achieve and reach for, it will help keep you stay motivated and leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment that night. Also, do not forget to reward yourself whenever you meet your goals!

When you volunteer and do charity work, you will actually feel good from helping others around you! This also means that your stress and cortisol levels will be reduced, thus helping yourself as well.

There are some foods which can help to improve your mood also. Omega 3 fatty acid, folate and chocolate have all been found to help you improve your mood throughout your day!

Last of all, regular exercise can also help release endorphins within your body and help to improve your mood! This means that when you work out early in the morning, you will probably have lower stress levels for your entire day! It does not matter what exact type of exercises you perform. As long as you engage in intense and regular exercise without over training, you will reduce cortisol levels as well as your fat levels.

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