I wasn't at all surprised when I read an article in my local newspaper stating the obvious. More than one million Canadians (or about one in 12) aren't happy at work, and that mental health experts are warning employers to start paying attention to those disgruntled workers. That’s why Employee Engagement Workshops are so crucial. Your employees need to shake off the corporate dust and start to see each other as people again, and find the fun and passion that has been there, hiding all along.

Isn't it really all about happy employees? 100% of employees I surveyed agree that they all can use more fun at work, generate more excitement and energy, and create a dynamic team of individuals working together as partners in the company's success. Rediscovering the joy of play at work and having a corporate team building party creates a positive energy exchange between people and results in everyone feeling more energized. The atmosphere at work is much more appealing, and management report to me that the sense of camaraderie is many times more obvious and prevalent in their workplace.

Creating a healthy organization in the workplace is fast becoming a competitive advantage in today's world of work. Position your company as the "Employer of Choice”; show your staff how important they are. It's amazing how people will look past communication and personality style differences when they're enjoying themselves at work, having fun and laughing while they are at work. People begin to see and appreciate qualities in their colleagues they had never witnessed before Raising Fun Levels.

Your company is a great place to work, right? Rediscovering the joy of play at work is your commitment to raising fun levels while creating an empowering sense of how strong workplace teams can be. This is a whole new attitude towards play at work! Take a look around and check out the number of companies committed to improving employee wellness and well-being. Even more encouraging is the fact that many employers have recognized that this approach to work is also an essential part of their company's best practices.

I believe that we're all looking for happiness so do your due diligence. Your goal is to get employees happy to be where they are and all pulling in the same direction. Rediscovering the joy of play at work is a whole new attitude towards work and a vehicle for change. It's the ideal marriage between the bottom line, profit driven approach to business and a workplace culture that resonates wellness and well-being through the joy of play.

Want to increase your company's profits? Build a refreshing team atmosphere using the joy of play at work as your innovative and creative, leading edge tool! Write it into your employee retention plans and start really taking a look at your employee motivation and job satisfaction levels. Give your staff the opportunity to see that you recognize just how important they are.

Then, focus on workplace culture and not just the bottom line. Invite playfulness into the daily grind. Stretch your imaginations and bodies through creative play. Maintain the momentum. Play, and feel good about playing. De-stress a hectic work environment. It's all about a smile on everyone’s faces at the end of the work day.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Manolson is the creator and facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences. He is an expert in Edmonton Team Building and believes that each day and every day we must re-energize and ignite our spirit within through the power of play.