One day, at my holistic health center in Hawaii, I had embarked on a mission to produce homeopathic samples of selected electromagnetic frequencies within the sound frequency spectrum (20 to 20,000 Hz). These frequencies are used not only in sound healing, but also in electromagnetic healing, such as Rife. Using a specially designed frequency generator which independently measures its own output frequency, I proceeded to irradiate and succuss (potentize) bottles filled with water and alcohol (ethanol) as the homeopathic carriers for these frequencies, as having a test kit of frequency sample vials would facilitate identification of which frequencies would produce a healing response via bio-communication, such as O-ring kinesiology, or electronic meridian testing. The process was proceeding well, until I found a few frequencies that would not 'lock in' to the liquid. That is, for some reason, I was not able to produce a stable standing wave or phonon of those frequencies in my standard base of alcohol and water.

What to do?

I had been studying about Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC's), and theorizing that these spirit minerals (a non-metallic form of the transition metals group) might be the actual physical carrier of homeopathic vibrations (phonons). I had learned that these elusive minerals, long the subject of alchemy, are driven away by certain frequencies, such as the standard 50 Hz and 60 Hz electrical mains distribute so broadly around our planet. I wondered if there might be a frequency that these superfluid minerals might actually be attracted by...

So, I carefully started at 0.1 Hz and worked my way up to 10 Hz, testing every 0.1 Hz increment... Nothing. I checked extra precisely at frequencies calculated to be associated with the earth's harmonics, such as 7.83 Hz (one of the Schumann resonances in the magnetosphere)... Nothing. That took a while, and I realized it would not be practical to search the sound frequency spectrum with a fine resolution of 0.1 Hz, so I began to scan frequencies above 10 Hz at a resolution of 1 Hz... Still nothing.

After a while, my mind was drifting as I went through my paces... And then it happened! A result! Could it be?? As I rechecked, and triple checked, I questioned whether my wandering mind had influenced the result, but no. I was able to reproduce the effect I was seeking. I took a break, knowing that now my excitement might also be influencing the subtle energy field I was seeking to observe. On returning, with the intent of objectively seeking the truth, sure enough, I was consistently observing the response I was looking for at 172 Hz. Hmmm... I wondered what that might mean, and whether anyone else had reported a resonance at this frequency. I searched and searched online, and... nothing. Eventually, continuing with my online search, I found a reference that went beyond what I could have imagined... A prior 'experiment' using this frequency that resulted in a period of history known as:

A Thousand Years of Peace

In ancient China, the frequency I had found was identified as the dominant harmonic frequency of nature. Wow! Every spring, copies of the frequency were sent out to all of the provinces to tune the culture's activities, such as music, to the harmony of the spheres. The result? A period in Chinese history known as A Thousand Years of Peace!

Wow! That's enough of a prior 'clinical trial' for me! When I got the chance to order a tuning fork of that frequency from a friend who travels the world using sound frequencies tuned to the harmonics of the cosmos, she informed me that I might want to get the frequency 172.06 Hz, as that would be even more auspicious. And so, of course, I asked, "Why is that?"

The Platonic Year

She explained that 172.06 Hz is a harmonic of the Platonic Year, the great 26,000 year cycle set to end in 2012! It is thus a harmonic of the galactic center of our Milky Way home in the universe, and our temporal connection with Sidereal (galactic) time.

How interesting to find out that the largest collection of 'psychic' research ever done has been analyzed and when measured by Sidereal time, the one time of day when there is zero overall indication of psychic ability (for remote viewing of cards in a nearby room) is at Sidereal noon! That's when the galactic center is at its zenith in the sky. I have suggested that the data also be analyzed according to the posture of the subject (sitting or recumbent) to see if the pineal gland might be implicated in resonant communication with the galactic center... That answer regarding the "seat of the soul" and its orientation to psychic versus cosmic connections will have to wait for another day...

Update August 2nd, 2010

Eureka! Another breakthrough!

I pulled out my Rife frequency generator and realized that in my initial discovery of 172 Hz my resolution was only 0.1 Hz. This means, I was not able to rule out either a band width including 172.06 or a second band at 172.06 Hz. On the other hand, 172.06 being the center of the resonance band was ruled out by the fact that I did not observe resonance at 172.1 Hz.

So, the question before me was what are the harmonics of these two frequencies in the physiological range, in particular that of visible light, but also potentially UV or IR. So I began to calculate octaves for 172 Hz, and translating them into wavelengths as my customary referent for the light spectrum. Finally, I came to a wavelength of 589.85 nanometers (nm), which is in the bright orange portion of the spectrum, near yellow. I began searching the internet for references to this precise wavelength and found it in research on sodium (Na = Natrium) vapor lasers. Interesting!

Next I calculated the wavelength for the related octave resonance with 172.06 Hz and came up with 589.64 nm. Another web search then showed that the two sodium "D" lines can be found at 589.9 and 589.6 nm. Eureka! Of course the exact wavelengths would vary a bit with the refractive index of the material in which they are observed, but, the chances of this being a random, unrelated observation were statistically nil. I had found strong support for a new theory that the dominant harmonic frequency of nature, and the galactic center resonance may be functionally linked with the D1 and D2 resonances of sodium, a dominant ion in the biosphere skin and organisms of our water planet.

A water solution containing sodium ions, such as the ocean or our blood and extracellular fluid, would certainly make an ideal Faraday cage, and thus provide a safe haven to secure and thus, over time, attract BEC's. Now it would appear that the electrons in sodium's D orbital could also act as a specific antenna to link to cosmic communication from the galactic center.

As a practical application and a test of this new hypothesis, I turned my attention back to the original problem solving that led me to these new observations, that is, how to more consistently embed the quantum energy of various electromagnetic Rife frequencies into a liquid carrier as stable phonons. I chose to add sodium to my solution bases that had not previously worked, in the form of Flower of the Ocean, as it is the highest quality sea salt, being the salt crystals that form floating on sea water evaporating in the sun. It thus contains sodium along with the full complement of trace minerals, and appears to carry an excellent compliment of BEC's as well, perhaps helping explain the levitation of these crystals to maintain flotation on top of the surface tension of evaporating sea water.

Sure enough, problem solved! The new procedure allows all frequencies tested so far to be easily and quickly succussed into a stable resonance with the addition of a small amount of sodium. (Succussion, by the way, is essential) I figure the BEC's superconducting properties couldn't hurt, and simply make the resultant tinctures and homeopathic remedies better, richer remedies, especially for the mental and spiritual levels. I intend to retest with a simple sodium solution and see if in fact that is technically adequate for the effect, as a hypothesis. In any case, my hypothesis would be that this solution would have a tendency to increase in BEC content over time through superfluidity of BEC's, so the Flower of the Ocean simply gives it a jump start!

It is interesting to note that sodium, such an essential, ubiquitous and oft maligned mineral, may be more beneficent and more crucial than we might have dreamed. It is certainly the dominant cation in the ocean and in the extracellular fluid in which our cells live. Sodium deficiency can certainly stop a person in their tracks energetically.

A further reflection on sodium, is that Japanese research has clearly shown that the negative effects linked to salt or so called 'sodium sensitivity' in fact come from the chloride anion (which, in association with a hydrogen nucleus makes hydrochloric acid). This was shown by monitoring effects such as post-prandial blood pressure elevations in response to salt-laden food. Blood pressure elevation is completely abated with Chitosan, an 800 year old fiber remedy made from the chitin in crab and shrimp shells, now made by alternately bathing the fibers in strong alkalai and acid baths to remove functional groups, leaving highly active sites which bind to heavy metals, radioactive particles, petrochemicals and Chloride ions. In fact, Chitosan is the number one product used in commercial water purification because of the broad spectrum of toxins it absorbs so efficiently from water (water of course is the #1 ingredient in the human body). After Chernobyl, for example, Chitosan was observed to be the most efficient remedy to pull radiation from the bodies of survivors. Now, chlorine, a halogen (along with Fluoride), is known to be highly toxic and even deadly, whether as a gas or in ionic form (such as hydrochloric acid).

Viva la Natrium! Did you know that the word salary comes from salt? Yes, the Roman legions were paid their salary in salt! Without it, they could not march...

Refinement (August 3, 2010)

Further exploration reveals:

A solution of sea salt (sodium and trace minerals) containing a high amount of BEC's (superconducting) converts electromagnetic frequencies to phonons efficiently via succussion (about 30 succussions are effective), and holds this resonance efficiently over time.

A second solution containing table salt (sodium chloride without trace minerals or BEC's) appears to convert EMF (electromagnetic field oscillations) to phonons even more efficiently than the Flower of the Ocean solution (taking only about 10 succussions). However, the resonance fades rapidly. Additional exposure and succussions fail to produce a stable resonance pattern.

Adding a small amount of pure crystalline BEC's to this second solution produced a result comparable to the first (Flower of the Ocean solution). Thus, it appears that sodium is the transducer between the EMF signal domain and the BEC phonon domain, while the BEC's appear essential as the superconductive carrier for achieving a stabilization of the quantum energies in solution.

A third solution using a dry white granular sea salt (containing trace minerals, but perhaps lacking BEC's due to processing: BEC's give characteristics of oily moistness to salt crystals) held resonance longer than table salt, but was not stable. It is likely that there are some BEC's remaining in the processed sea salt, but not enough to fully stabilize the phonons.

Deeper meaning

The D-orbital sodium electrons (D1, D2) appear to be precisely tuned to resonate with both the galactic center and the BEC's (mineral substrates of consciousness). This offers a new scientific mechanism for understanding the age old and cross cultural observation that salt is a most powerful spiritual medium. In ages past, most commonly available forms of salt were simply sun dried sea salt, containing a full complement of BEC's (as well as essential trace elements).

Most commercial salts fall short in their capacity to complete a stable transduction of energetic communications to and from an organism. A living system, by containing an adequate concentration of both sodium and BEC's appears well designed to receive and store communication from its immediate energetic environment as well as the cosmos (see below). A conscious organism has a design function for sending effective energetic signals to its local and cosmic environment. The one-legged kingdom (plants) may be more adapted to receptivity than expression, but even their lower sodium levels (compared to animals) must be adequate for receptive signal transduction (see, e.g. the book The Secret Lives of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird).

Superlight Theory in the Unified Field

I see the fundamental particles of nature (atoms, electrons, etc.) as angels, that is divinely intelligent creatures carrying out divine will to perfection. Modern physics finds itself straining at ever smaller and more evanescent particle/waves when super-colliders torture the angels of creation out of their customary appearance, as they exit from our perceptual space back to the fullness and integrity of the 'vacuum'. These patterns of angelic organ splatter seem to lead to an increasing complexity in our search for understanding the nature of the universe, which physics has come to perceive as fundamentally a perceptual space. Perhaps if we seek less to separate, and more to broaden our scope of questioning, we will find the unification of understanding that eludes us in our quest for the fundamentals of division.

Superlight is a theory which proposes to unify the seemingly disparate forces of the modern physics world-view. James Clerk Maxwell (1864, "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field") is responsible for the second great unification in physics, with Sir Isaac Newton having initiated the first (1687, "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica"). The term "Maxwell's equations" originally applied to a set of eight equations published by Maxwell in 1865, but nowadays applies to modified versions of four of these equations that were grouped together in 1884 by Oliver Heaviside.

Maxwell's original, unmodified equations were set in a multidimensional space-time with extra dimensions to allow for information/communication/consciousness. The charge equation has two solutions, the electron and the positron. The mass equation likewise has two solutions, the neutron and anti-matter. The electromagnetism equation has only one 'real' solution: light. But another mathematically correct solution exists, which we will call superlight. It is not mathematically 'real', but rather 'imaginary' as the square root of a negative number. Information, communication, and consciousness are likewise not 'real', but quite fundamental and powerful in the spirit world of imagery. Mathematically, superlight comes from the future, and is thought to emanate from the most dense objects in the cosmos, such as black holes and quasars found at the centers of galaxies. Superlight mathematically, according to Maxwell's original equations, travels at the speed of light squared (in reverse time).

It is in these extra dimensions, that allow for life in our model of the universe, in which superlight carries divine will to the creation as a morphic resonance field (cf. Rupert Sheldrake), and inexorably draws creation forward, perhaps even creating the navigational, perceptual movement of time itself. These extra dimensions are consistent with some of modern physicist's best models of how the universe may work, such as the 10 dimensional model being explored by the Max Plank Institute. In this view, the two dimensional information space has the capacity to transcend the familiar 4-D space-time, and even the death of its physical bio-body suit through which the spirit (made of two-dimensional liquid crystal lattices of BEC's) gains its navigational abilities. The full complement of genetic information is carried in the information space, and can thus be reconstituted in the mirror space of the after-life. It may be that in navigating to a locus of lesser separation in space, the planar liquid crystals of our souls can fully integrate into a higher dimensional (e.g. 3D) liquid crystal matrix (heaven). It may also be that the interior reflection of such navigational choices (of loving service) lead us to such integration in this life as well. As above, so below...

St. Nilus around the year 400 A.D. foresaw that "After the year 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century... one man can carry on a conversation with another from one end of the earth to the other. At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish."

What might be the nature and meaning of the coming change in cosmic polarity, as our solar system crosses the energetic equatorial galactic plain in 2012? Prophetic views from highly developed souls across the past two millenia concur on a number of features:

Transition (three days of darkness, fire from the heavens):

Iridium, along with other BEC's may be concentrated in the galactic disk. BEC Iridium, as it readily burns, would be the cause of the fire from the heavens. At least some of the burning Iridium may drop into a metallic form, which would explain why it is observed in periodic layers in both the ice caps and the geologic record (e.g. global iridium layer at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary associated with extinction of the dinosaurs).

New heavens and new earth

There may be no oceans on the new earth. There could be a restoration of the firmament, providing a very new outlook on the heavens. Aging could be greatly diminished. We could be breathing a higher level of BEC's making us less dependent upon food. The lion would lie down with the lamb.

Electronic devices may not work (with the possible exception of vacuum tube technology). Will the new conformation of the sun, following the three days of darkness be missing its outer atmosphere? These minerals currently absorb what would otherwise be some of the most biologically and meteorologically active quanta, seen as discrete dark bands in the solar spectrum, known as the Fraunhoffer lines, including the most prominent, the paired sodium D lines.

Divine will

An increase in BEC activity in the biosphere could explain the prophecies that survivors of the transition will universally experience the divine will directly. That many may not survive such a cosmic upheaval is reflected in prophecies that we will rejoice when we do see one another.

Author's Bio: 

'Dr. Glen' has collected various degrees of letters, beginning with a A.B. (like a B.A., only in Latin) Magna Cum Laude at Dartmouth College. Dr. Glen holds additional degrees in vision science, natural medicine, and theology. He was president of his student doctors' association, internationally. His first practice was in Tokyo. After three years of practice spanning Tokyo, New York (where his father was a pioneer in Developmental and Behavioral Neuro-Optometry) and the Flying Samaritans serving Mexico (for whom he wrote a series of equations for prescribing donated eyeglasses - later researched at U.C. Berkeley), he was named Holistic Optometrist of the Year for pioneering work in Biofeedback, Light therapy and Nutritional healing. 'Dr. Glen' is now Steward of The Shire, a farming community poised at 19.47 Latitude in Hawaii, on the slopes of the most active volcano on the Earth, which makes it the number one terrestrial source of BEC's. The number one cosmic source? He thinks it could be the Iridium and other condensates concentrated in the galactic plane we are headed toward in 2012... In fact, it could be their aversion for the polar energies of creation which guide them to carry cosmic matter toward the neutral plane of our Milky Way...