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Recruiting Firm Creates Special Division for Retained Services

Tempe, AZ – August 31, 2010 – After conducting contingency searches successfully for 13 years, ISC is proud to announce it has created a special division of recruiters who will be focused specifically on Retained Searches.

The creation of this Retained Search division is to meet the needs of clients who on occasion, have critical needs that require them to hire a recruiting team who will be focused exclusively on filling their important open positions. Having a dedicated team can assure the client that they will receive a specific number of qualified candidates within a set period of time.

With a team of 15 recruiters, ISC utilizes a variety of current high tech tools available to handle multiple searches at any given time, making it easy for HR representatives to have one point of contact for multiple search requirements. With teams focusing on IT, Engineering, Finance and more, ISC can easily identify candidates for any of their clients’ critical needs. The firm’s fee structures range from 20% to 30%, depending on volume.

ISC prides itself on their very tight presentation to hire ratios…striving for 3 presentations for every 1 hire. They do not waste their clients’ time with presenting candidates who do not match their profiles. Once they get the call from a client, ISC can have an experienced team of recruiters “on the hunt” for qualified candidates within the hour.

For more information on ISC, please check out their Web site at Or to get started right away on receiving top-notch recruiting service, please call (888) 866-7276 if you are in the United States or 011-1(480) 839-9113 if you are calling from outside the country. ISC has been successful in providing recruiting assistance to U.S.-based companies that need to build a presence within other countries as well as to foreign companies looking to build a presence in the United States.

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A recruiter since 1996, Ann Zaslow-Rethaber is the president of International Search Consultants, a global recruiting firm launched in 1999. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, ISC has become one of the country’s most reputable search firms, working with companies both in the US and on an international basis. With a team of 15 talented recruiters and utilizing the very best high tech tools available, ISC can easily handle multiple searches that can produce highly qualified candidates in a short amount of time for companies with high volume recruiting needs. For more information, check out ISC’s website at or call 888/866-7276.