Gods Daily Structural Rewards and Punishments are always Emotional in Nature, however the Rewards and Punishments will eventually manifest themselves physically.

I must point out, that contrary to popular belief, God did not provide Nature to serve Man, but Man to Serve and conform to Nature.

Punishment Example: If you put your mate down, then look for some Emotional/Physical intimacy/support, it will be scarce, as you have punctured their Emotional Reservoir allowing some Emotional Currency to drain away.

Further, if you have children, that person will not be able to give their children the Emotional Support, that if their Emotional Reservoir had not punctured, He/She would be able to provide.

This will in turn affect your Children's relationship with their friends.

This will also affect both Mates as their Children having their Emotional Support short changed, will not have as Emotional currency to give back to their Mother/Father - everybody Loses.

Therefore one can plainly see that Gods Structure, demands what goes around comes around.

Reward Examples: If you enrich your mates Emotional life, everyone is rewarded, yourself, your friends, your mates friends, your children and their friends - all Winners.

I am sure that you have heard, that by the time you are 50+ you have the face that you have earned.

I was involved in a Horrible Marriage, after the Divorce, my Chiropractor, would ask me to extend my arm and hold it there, he would state my Date of Marriage and I would no longer be able to extend my arm, it would drop.

Further he told me that my back muscles would tighten up severely.

It also affected my face, I had to message my face for quite some time, as I could only take so much pain at one time, eventually I got all the pain out of my face.

Author's Bio: 

I have been on this Journey of understanding Gods Teaching all my life.

In my Fifties I had the time to involve myself in Politics only to be disappointed.

Thus I looked to Traditional Religion, but was also disappointed.

Thus I looked to God, but knew that God did not live down the street in a little Green house.

Eventually I realized that although I would never understand God, I could at least learn, God Teaching for Man, which I came to realize was to found in Nature. Thus GodsVerifiableTeachings.org.

Therefore I have been writing and trying to promote these teaching for the last 10+ years. I am now Seventy. Unfortunately for the most part, people are not ready, however time are changing, thus people are being challenged, perhaps they will soon be ready to accept Gods Teachings.

We are told our problems are Economic, however spending Trillions has not solved our problems, only made it worse.

The reason is that we are not in a Economic Mess but a Social Mess. Money will not solve the problem. Respecting Gods Teaching, can solve our problems.