There are many substance abuse professionals who are trained to help others to overcome substance abuse problems. It doesn't really matter how your addiction started, what matters is what you're willing to do about it now that you're in its grip.

It can be very difficult to release control of oneself into the grasp of another. But the truth is, no matter how painful it may seem to be to release this control, when you're an addict, you're already beyond your own control. The only way to recover from substance abuse in such a case is to give yourself over to the care of someone who is not controlled by it.

It is important to begin by understanding just what substance abuse is. Substance abuse is when you use a substance to alleviate a problem, rather than dealing with the problem itself. In other words, substance abuse is self-medicating.

In the short term, drugs can do much to remove pain or overcome emotional problems. But, at the point at which these drugs control you, addiction is present. Soon, the drug itself is often a bigger problem for you than the problem it was intended to mask. We begin addictions because we are too weak to deal with our problems, but at the point of addiction the drugs become new problems.

Why Substance Abuse Professional Help is Needed

Addiction can be very powerful, both physically and psychologically. This is why professional substance abuse help is important. Since your addiction controls you, you need that extra support to fight back against the addiction. Social support is very important. You need to surround yourself with people who truly care.

You need to face up to the fact you have an addiction that controls you. Once you face that fact, you will probably have an even greater sense of your helplessness. This is actually a good thing, because substance abuse recovery cannot begin until you reach beyond yourself for help.

For the outsider, it seems easy enough to say, “just don't use it.” Obviously, such a person isn't going through what you're going through. The more you try to control yourself against an addiction, the more it seems to take control of you. You may stop for a time, but you find you take it up again.

In fact, you may even accelerate it once you give in to your substance abuse habit. You need not feel like a failure. Relapse is often a part of the journey you must take out of substance abuse. Relapse reminds you that you must reach beyond yourself for help.

Since you now recognize that you cannot simply choose to cease your addiction, you are ready to receive help from substance abuse professionals. Professional substance abuse help comes in many forms. There are inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. There are programs that continue on indefinitely and two week programs. If one doesn't work for you, try another one. There is hope. Others have beaten this same overwhelming substance abuse habit.

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