Over the years, the gaming industry has seen the rise and fall of unlimited numbers of gaming consoles like the Gameboy, SEGA, NES and whatnot. Game developers have found new ways to entertain gamers all over the world with virtual reality, augmented reality and whatnot. Yet, one device continues to be the staple for many hardcore gamers worldwide and that is the good old personal computer. This is mainly because of the versatility PC offers to players at several levels from the catalog of games to the controls. The computer’s popularity has been recognized by developers as well if the recent news that Borderlands 2 VR Is Heading To PC Sometime in autumn isn’t clue enough. To get a better understanding of why do so many hardcore gamers prefer PC over consoles let’s consider the following:

PC Can Never Be Outdated

As long as one has some technical know-how or a friend who does and some spare change the PC’s hardware and software can always be updated to match the specs of the new game such as higher resolution or faster processing speed. It really helps that the prices of PC parts have come down significantly so the system can be customized with a small budget.

On the other hand, gaming consoles were meant to be replaced with a better newer version of themselves in the future. They are essentially 3D trailers of what their future counterparts will offer the players. Some of them have even been designed to stop working after a given time.

Neither Are PC Games

From the very first PC games during the DOS era, about every old title can be found and played on any computer even with an updated operating system. This again gives more edge against console video games which can only be played on a particular version and not on any other even the latest version.

All Games End Up On PC

If the recent headline that Borderlands VR 2 is heading to PC sometime in autumn isn’t hint enough then perhaps the fact that most if not all console games can be found on computers should be. And this is without taking pirated games and console emulators. Even the so-called exclusive titles can be found on the laptop. Microsoft has practically opened its Xbox catalog to its Windows users.

Better Control Options

Unless one grew up with touch screens, mouse and keyboards feel more natural and give more accurate outputs in games than console controllers. Because most households own a laptop or a desktop, beginners are likely to have already used them and can easily adjust to the controls. They can even be customized to one’s comfort level like using wasd instead of the arrow keys. If one prefers controllers anyway, they can install and use it on their desktops as well.

Limitless & Cheap PC Game Catalog

From online games to CDs, the number of games on the computer is undoubtedly unlimited. And many of them are available for free. It’s possible to find free games on consoles as well but most of them are either trials or demos. Moreover, the collection on any other platform can’t compare to that of PC.

These are only some reasons many gamers like PC more than consoles.

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