Simple text messaging has become boring for people and they find social media apps interesting so to overcome with the following Google come in the front foot and introduced modern technique implies of marvelous I.e. RCS SMS. Google has been working on this technique for so long time and now the hard work been successful. This Media Rich SMS has changed the scenario of communication that has the power to engage customers in large amounts for the reason to enhance sell by promoting your firm at low cost and the upgraded version of messaging is been accepted & acquired by 33 network operators and 11 mobile manufacturing industries approx. Newly launched text messaging service is giving tough competition to messenger or Whats-app because it is enticing traffic and making the developed SMS service more appropriate for use by the business.
In the busy world, consumers are busy it’s crucial to develop fast tech marketing tools for easy access to the company's goods and services. In older times, it was difficult to interact with customers but since technology has evolved it has become a fruitful medium. Bulk SMS is a technology funded tool that is currently trending it is an uncomplicated solution let’s spread awareness regarding business, information or alert to a bunch of people without putting so many efforts and wasting time. The advanced version of SMS is RCS (rich communication services) which aid more power in engagement with people. If someone says rich it implies for multiple features in a single frame just like meaning RCS is also a pocket full of surprises or we can say big bang in a small box. Rich communication services are an advanced messaging protocol that is similar to Whats-app or Facebook messenger that supports features like read receipt, group chat, location sharing, sending high-quality audio, video or file transfer, content sharing, video calling, etc. RCS substantiated of being an innovative and creative business development tool in view of the fact that it lets you transmit attractive images or videos to encourage people to come and have a look at goods & services provided by you. In order to make customer engagement more interesting put call to action in the message by sharing image avatar icons or links this, all buttons will enable consumers to purchase products. Several firms make use of updated Bulk SMS services for sharing information or branding business worldwide by doing active promotion at cheaper rates. E-Commerce uses services to send details about the product like delivery date, tracking parcel or notification they may also take customer's feedback by polling via message. Tours & travel agencies send airline bus or train ticket images with bar-code by RCS SMS. Media or entertainment companies put a link that can be accessed by us in a single tap or they put videos to bring our special attention. Rich communication services have sky rocketed SMS with advanced features and motivated the business people to adopt new techniques and earn more profit without wasting so much time.

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