There are many mediums and types in painting like, abstract painting, composition painting, and realistic painting. Also, there are a lot of great artists working in this style in India. Great artists like Raja Ravi Verma, Deusgaonkar, Haldankar, SM Pandit, Baburao Painter were born in India, and they became immortal through their artwork. “But I love working in realistic painting because the artistry is so strong in it,” says Ratnadip Barbole.

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Ratnadip works with many mediums like watercolor, oil color, acrylic color, soft pastel, charcoal. Amongst these, he prefers to work with oil paint mostly. In oil color one can work on the same painting for a long time and give the desired result in the painting. He uses brushes thick and hard in oil color. He also uses linseed oil, turpentine, Camlin, or Winsor Company’s oil colors.

An Artist Rising

Art is innate and it is a divine gift. Something similar happened to Ratnadip when he was in primary school. He was fascinated by the colorful pictures in the book. Then the pictures slowly began to descend on the slate-board. He started showing the pictures to Kamble Sir (an art teacher near Ratnadip’s house).

An Artist’s Dilemma

After passing the art diploma, if one wants a job as an art teacher, they have to donate a lot of money. Being from an underprivileged family, Ratnadip faced a lot of challenges. His father sold their farm and donated Rs 4 lakh to an ungranted school. Ratnadip became a teacher in that school. But destiny had other plans for him.

Dynamics of Technology with Industry Overview

Currently, there is a lot of competition in the field of art. The number of artists in this field have increased tremendously. A lot of hobby artists are covering the industry. So, the work of pulling each other’s legs is going on right now. All of this has had a profound effect on the art field. The organizers of the show have made it a business.

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