It always feels good to do random acts of kindness, because it exemplifies the saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” But doesn’t it feel like the world is such a big place for just one person to change?

The truth is that every little good thing we do matters. We just can’t leave the work to other people; we all have to do our share. The following is a random acts of kindness list that can make the world a better place - one act a time.

1) Tell your friends and family members how much you appreciate them.
2) In the office, at the bank, on an elevator or a train, hold the door open for someone else.
3) Pick up a piece of trash lying on the street and put it in a trash can.
4) Greet the doorman a good day.
5) Give your seat to another person.
6) Compliment a co-worker for his or her good performance.
7) Call your parents to tell them you love them.
8) Bring a box of cupcakes to share with your classmates at school or your colleagues at work.
9) Help your neighbour take out the trash.
10) Write little notes of thanks or support to your friends.
11) Give a homeless person a cup of hot coffee.
12) Put some money on one of those donation boxes for charity.
13) Write to someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time.
14) Address your server or waiter by name and leave a generous tip.
15) Help someone change a flat tire.
16) Let someone cut in front of you in a line, especially when he or she is in a rush.
17) Give your parking spot to another driver.
18) Give someone a present for no reason. Better yet, send it anonymously.
19) Volunteer to do someone else’s task.
20) A random acts of kindness list won’t be complete without the reminder to always smile. Smile at strangers, smile at people who aren’t nice to you, even to people you don’t like. Smile - it’s infectious!

Think of other ways that are not included in this random acts of kindness list. Every little thing matters because what comes around will definitely be around! Inspire others to do the same thing. Together, we can help spread the kindness and change the world for the better, little by little.

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