Rahu in the 4th house can say that peace at home can be destroyed.

Rahu-Ketu axis dance in the 4/10th houses: 4th house Rahu means you love working from home and you hate going to the workplace. Though you love your home, you don’t have any peace there, so eventually, you start going to the office. But in the office, you feel detached from everyone and hence you come back to your home to enjoy the comforts. Again when things in your home go haywire, you run back to the office this time with no happiness in your mind. Depressed at the workplace, you find an excuse to run back into your house, expecting to find some peace, but only to find yourself involved in emotionally uncomfortable issues of your house on your return. The back and forth swaying between your house and office, love and detachment, stubbornness and flexibility at your workplace, is called Rahu-Ketu axis dance in the 4/10th houses.

People with 4th house Rahu have no peace at home but they really crave for it. People with 4th house Rahu are usually born with a lot of problems at home. Their love for having a happy home despite their ill-fate makes them extremely determined to work hard in achieving a happy home. That’s why the 4th house Rahu people have this obsessive desire of buying a big mansion, huge farmlands, having a lot of foreign objects in their homes, foreign breed pets, big Televisions, autographs from Football stars stuck on their walls, huge showcases, flower vases, etc. Since these people had a rough time during their early age, they desire to live like a king in their 40+ age. They also think of short-cut methods to make money so that they need not go to the office to work in their late 30’s and 40’s. As I have mentioned before, such people hate going to offices by dint of which they have a mindset to fill their house with all the comforts and luxuries that they never experienced in their childhood.

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