“Life is an adventure. Every day is an adventure. Today is adventurous. Tomorrow will be another adventure. Our life is like undiscovered continents and every human being is a never – ending story.” S. Casta

There aren't many adventurous life or love quotes, but the ones I found on Funny love quotes site are really worth our time. How many times do we really enjoy the unpredictable moments? How many times do we go out and dance in the rain without any fear to get soaking wet? How many times do we take a turn into the street, we aren't familiar with or go into the concert we never heard of? Do we always have to act according to a plan? What if there is no plan? Do we stay at home afraid of the unknown or do we take courage and make a daring step into one more adventure we will never forget?

Sometimes I find myself thinking about my past and strangely enough, the moments I remember are always outstanding. Sometimes it's a crazy and hilarious trip with your best friends without any clear direction, sometimes it's a new path in the forest or in the mountains. Sometimes it's a trip in a heavy and long rain with wet feet and no dry clothes on.
It might also be a new friendship with someone you least expect or don't want to have anything in common. It may be something which you have never done and, most probably, don't want to do.

I don't have anything against taking the same path we know of and working at the same job or doing the same thing. You can't always improvise, otherwise you will go nuts eventually. However, some slight and unplanned change should always be welcomed. It's up to us how adventurous our life is and how boring we are. Every day can be an adventure, if we decide so and take action. My adventure starts early in the morning when I read some new life and love quotes and sayings which inspire and teach something new. Fire may start from a small spark, the great things can start from just a simple idea. This quote is taken from one movie and one cannot but agree with it. You don't have to bungee – jump from a TV tower or swim with sharks in the pool – you don't have to be that extreme. Still, you can visit an Indian restaurant, if you have never tried Indian food. You can buy a puppy to cheer up your children. That would definitely bring some change in their life. Remember – at the end of your life you will be more happier with things that you did, than with things that you didn't. That's another life quote I found to be right to the point in this article.

If you feel like your life is getting boring, do not give up – do something crazy, funny and unexpected, be spontaneous. You will be more than surprised at how much potential, fun and energy lies deep within you. Let you adventurous life begin!

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