Who says you have to be a gifted genius to create your own unique piano compositions?

Not Edward Weiss, educator, author and composer who’s just completed his first full length book on doing just that – turning anyone into a “virtual virtuoso” in as little as 30 days – even if they’ve never touched a musical keyboard in their life.

Edward’s approach is unusual, in that he tosses the so-called rule book out the window. Gone are the endless “do ray me” drills that could bore a hermit to tears.

Edward focuses on chords and combinations, the basics of every musical score. By first learning simple chord constructions, and then combining them into more complex patterns – his students are constantly amazed on how easy it is to improvise and compose beautiful, free style music.

As Edward puts it:

“When most people think of composing, they think of highly complex and difficult classical rhythms. But you know, even Mozart was a maverick in his day. He constantly broke the “rules” when creating his masterpieces – writing some of his best scores from the top of his head!

“Now my book doesn’t promise you’ll become another Wolfgang Amadeus, but it will take you step by step into the wonderful world of creating your own musical works of art.”

The style Edward teaches is called “New Age” – a free flowing, mesmerizing and incredibly soothing musical form - given its name by record executives who didn’t have a clue on how to classify these relatively modern but immensely popular cadences.

But call it what you will, if you ever imagined sitting down at a piano and almost effortlessly coaxing those keys into giving up the secrets of musical improvisation, then “Free To Be Creative At The Piano” is the one book you simply must own!

“Free to Be Creative at the Piano” is available now as a free download at: http://www.quiescencemusic.com

Author's Bio: 

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Visit www.quiescencemusic.com now and get a FREE piano lesson!