Intuit offers bookkeeping and Pro solutions that fully integrate with each other. QUICKBOOKS Pro Desktop is a special program developed by intuit. In QUICKBOOKS Pro Desktop, users can activate QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro Services, a subscription that enables Pro features. Intuit QUICKBOOKS Pro offers two versions of Pro service: a QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro for desktop and an online version. Both systems provide a way to easily manage Pro and pay employees without much hassle and on time.
Additionally, employers have an option to choose between doing Pro themselves or having a QUICKBOOKS Pro ProAdvisor handle everything for them. If you do not have a lot of employees, it might make sense to do it yourself plus the whole process is very intuitive. However, if your company grew enough to have over thirty employees, we recommend entrusting this function to QUICKBOOKS Pro. After all, your time is valuable.
QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro— Price of Service
QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro pricing is based on a flat fee that varies from plan to plan. The monthly price for QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro Online varies between $45 and $125. In addition, you will have to pay from $4 to $10 for each active employee on your pay list. At the same time, businesses can take advantage of great discounts, such as a 50% off offer, and try the service for free for a whole month. When you sign up for the free trial, you do not need to give any payment information, but after the trial period ends and you like the service, you can make a deposit to pay for the service.
If you have a desktop version of QUICKBOOKS Pro , you can also add a Pro function to your software. The price for QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro is also based on the plan you choose. The Basic one will cost only $29 a month plus $2 for each employee, while an Enhanced plan is $45 a month plus $2 per employee. You will pay $109 for the most advance plan, but here you will be paying $2 for each paycheck. As you can see the prices for a desktop version are somewhat lower. As with the online version, you can take advantage of discounts and a free trial.
QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro Desktop – Features
QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro comes with an extensive list of features. Although features vary depending on the plan you choose, QUICKBOOKS Pro will likely be able to offer everything QUICKBOOKS Pro SELF-EMPLOYED might look for.
Availability in all 50 US states
T-Sheet software
Unlimited and automatic Pro
Pro taxes
Direct deposits
and more.
QUICKBOOKS Pro Desktop Pro Plans
Intuit Pro Service offers three separate plans to meet different needs of businesses of all sizes.
The first plan includes only the basic features that meet the requirements of most small businesses. These include the ability to create paychecks, direct deposits for 1099 contractors and employees, and time tracking integration. If you need help, you can turn to free expert support
The second Enhanced plan adds features such as electronically filed and paid Pro taxes state and federal forms and ability to print them (QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro e-file W-2, QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro e-file 941 From, 1099/1096 Form, etc.). Employees will also have round-the-clock access to their own paycheck information. Employers will benefit from e-mail subscription and free expert support.
The Assisted plan is QUICKBOOKS Pro’ full-service Pro package. You will have a Pro setup assistance specialist help and QUICKBOOKS Pro supports up to 250 employees. Additional features that are not included in two other plans include job costing and class tracking, Moreover, they will file and pay taxes for you and you will get a no tax penalties guarantee, which means that they will file your taxes on time based on the data you provide in your account or they will cover the penalties.
QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro Desktop – Benefits
With QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro Desktop, you can generate as many paychecks for your employees as you need and all you need to do is just enter the hours. QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro T-sheets is an employee time tracking software that will make Pro even simpler and accurate time tracking easy. Employee scheduling, PTO management, GPS tracking, and clock-in reminders are all included in the QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro T-Sheets software.
This is not all! Pro calculations can be automated and the system will produce detailed reports. Moreover, no information needs to be manually input, which saves a significant amount of time. It also drastically reduces the possibility of mistakes. Same or next-day direct deposits is a very convenient feature that allows you to save not only paper but also time. In addition, your employees will also be thankful.
Pro taxes are also simplified and the Pro tax deductions are done accurately and calculated automatically. No more manual filling of state and federal taxes, and in some plans, QUICKBOOKS Pro will even process payments for you. In addition to Pro taxes, QUICKBOOKS Pro Pro Service provides benefits and garnishments

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