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What causes QuickBooks error 12029 and its possible solutions?

Update error of QuickBooks 12029 may be caused by one or more of the following –
• Due to the timeout of the network, QuickBooks cannot access the server.
• There are problems with the internet connection.
• The Internet security settings are not configured correctly.
• Firewall settings are problematic.
• Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the default web browser.
• There is a problem with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) settings.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks error 12029

If you would like to fix QuickBooks Update Error 12029, you can use one or more of the following solutions –

Solution 1 – Fix connectivity issues

• Download and run the TLS 1.2 utility from the Intuit website.
• Make the browser of Microsoft Internet Explorer your default web browser.
• Try to visit secure websites that are external to QuickBooks, such as your bank's login page. Talk to an IT expert if you are unable to do so.
Now, check for error of QuickBooks 12029 error.

Solution 2 – Optimize settings for the Internet Explorer browser

Follow these steps to optimize your IE browser settings –
• In this first step, you need to close QuickBooks and then open Microsoft IE.
• Go to the tools, please. You can also press the Alt key on the keyboard to find the tools you want.
• Now, open Internet Options and go to the Security tab.
• Look for the Globe symbol in the Security tab window and click it.
• Ensure that the safety level is not higher than the medium-high level.
• Check the Connections tab.
• If you do not use a dial-up node, select Never dial a connection. If you are using a dial-up node, choose the correct Internet service provider.
• Move to LAN Settings by clicking OK.
• Set Automatically Detect Settings.
• Choose if it is not already selected.
• Look for the Proxy Server checkbox to use. Document the full address and port if this checkbox is marked. If you find the port to be different from port 80, do not remove the port
• Checkmark against Use the Proxy Server option. If you find that the port is 80, you can remove the checkmark against Use the Proxy Server option for testing purposes.
• Choose OK and go to the advanced tab.
• Choose to Restore Advanced Settings.
• Select TLS 1.2 under Settings and click the OK button.
• Close IE, and finally reboot your PC.
Start the QB after the computer is restarted. Update and check for QuickBooks Error 12029.

Solution 3 – Configure your antivirus and firewall

If you have not properly configured your security software, including parental control applications, you may have problems updating. You need to follow these steps to configure your firewall –
• Download the QB File Doctor tool.
• Save this tool and run it.
• This tool will configure Windows Firewall and automatically open firewall ports.
• Now see whether or not the error code 12029 appears.

Solution 4 – Start Windows in Safe mode

Follow these steps to start your PC in a secure networking mode.
• First, open the settings by pressing both of these keys simultaneously — Windows logo key and I.
• Look for the update & security and click it.
• Click the Recovery button.
• Go to Advanced Startup now.
• Now, please choose Restart now.
• Your computer is going to restart. Choose the option screen that will appear.
• Click Troubleshoot, and then Advanced Options.
• Choose Start Settings and then click the Restart button.
• Allow the computer to restart. When you reboot, select 5 from the list of options to use your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
• Now check that QuickBooks error 12029 appears when downloading updates.

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