There’re multiple ways to reverse text. People also called it to mirror text.
You can do it by using Microsoft products like Microsoft Word, Paint, etc. But we also have the option of online tools.
We'll discuss each way. After that, you can do it in whatever way you like. Let’s cover it!

1. Reversing Text in Microsoft Word

I really wish, if there is any shortcut button or option so we can do it in just one click. Unfortunately, you have to be pass in multiple steps for mirroring text.
Maybe in upcoming updates, we're able to do it in one click.
reverse (or mirror) text in Microsoft word by mentioned text in the text box, formatting the text, and selecting the “format shape” option by right clicking the box.

• Simply, go to the insert tab. In the text section area, click on the Text Box and select Draw Text Box.
• Type your text and format it.
• Right-click on the box and select the “Format Shape”.
• It will show a popup menu on the right. Select the second icon for Effects.
• Expand “3-D Rotation” by clicking it. Type “180” in the X Rotation input tab to mirror the text.
• The other way to mirror or flipped upside-down text by setting X Rotation into 0 degrees and Y Rotation into 180 degrees.
• If the text box has fill colure and outline, select the text box shape and set the Shape Outline to “No Outline” and the Shape Fill to “No Fill”.

This process works in Office 365, Office 2016, and so on versions. It is applicable to their products like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
The only cone is that you can’t paste mirror text outside their software. If you try to copy your mirrored text in Microsoft Word and paste it into Google or something else then it won’t work.
However, you can use mirror text in Microsoft word for printing purposes. Many printers don’t have the reverse (or mirror) text feature.

2. By Using Online Tool

An Online tool can be handy and save your time for reversing text. It’s allowed to copy your reverse or mirror text in one click.
I personally use the tool for this purpose. It allows you to select whether to apply the backwards effect or not.
If you don’t know about the backward effect, then it’s the technique to reverse the words and words letter.
Type or paste your text on the right side of the box and copy your reverse (or mirror) text. You’re ready to go!

Now, you can send your mirror text to your friends by simple pasting or use for your purposes.

Tool Link:
This website also shares multiple tools to play with the text. For example, lower case to upper case, sentences case converter, title case converter, and mirror text generator, etc.

3. Mirroring Text in Paint Software

Paint can be useful if you’re not connected to the internet and Microsoft office not installed on your machine.
This software already installed with the application of windows so you don’t need to install it.
However, you only get the reverser (or mirror) text in the picture form. These are the following steps in window paint software:
• Select the “Text” icon in the tools area. And type the text.
• Go to the image section in the header, and select the “Rotate” option.
• Under the rotate option, select “Rotate 180” for mirroring the text.
• There is also rotate right/left 90 degrees and flip vertical/horizontal option. You can select one of these if you want.
• Finally, Save and crop the picture.


The quickest way to reverse text is using the online tool. It allows us to copy reverse (or mirror) text in just one click. There’s no doubt, you can also perform the same job with Microsoft word or paint however you can’t send or use mirror text directly.
On the smartphone, this job also becomes difficult if you’re performing in Microsoft word or paint. But the online tool can make this work easier even on smartphones.

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