The thieves may way to your workplace very slyly. They know possible means to dodge the CCTV or if it is related to cybercrime, then the culprit is some dishonest person from your workplace! Following such situations invites the call of workplace investigations. Such investigations coming from professional investigators become quite difficult to handle as it hampers the work structure and also puts in your suspicions against a number of employees.

Investigations are essential to finding the actual accused of the crime, as you cannot arrest or suspend anyone on the basis of suspicion. A lot of investigation services in Sydney follows the policy of proper investigation prior to arrest or suspension.

The following questions are most likely to be asked when faced with an investigation service probe at your workplace:

  • The first question that is evidently asked is “When and where did you see the crime taking place and was it still going when you reached or was already committed?” Next, they might ask you “if you saw the incident taking place, what steps did you take to stop it?” Also they might ask you as to why did you not take the right measure to stop the incident immediately. Investigators are trained experts and they can ask you a number of questions, it is your duty towards your workplace to the honest and ethical.

  • If you are an employee, you will be liable to face two sets of questions. One from the company officials as soon as the crime is over and other when the investigator officials come in the office premises. Be honest and speak the truth. They might ask you as to who according to you was responsible for committing the crime, so in such matters DO NOT take hold of previous grudges against any employee, instead have the courage and be kind! Be as transparent as possible while giving out the incident details.

  • It might be possible that you are truthful while the other employees are fearing the situation and hiding the truth. You might be asked as to “Where you were at the time of the incidence and who else the eye witness along with you was present at that time?” be courteous and do not hide the truth as you have not committed any crime so fear not. Fear only invites suspicion.

  • Remember that punishment is only given to the ones who committed the crime, so speak out the details and be loud and clear. Be specific of the incident dates and timings, do not mess around with it.

Also, it is quite common to face such investigations if you have lacked a reputable security system or have and outdated version. You must look for highly efficient Security Services in Sydney as they will protect you and your workplace from unfavorable situations. If you have an idea of the investigation from before then you will be able to answer honestly and more confidently and be able to maintain calm throughout the investigation process.

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The author has been dealing with security provision since ages and completely understands the tedious procedure involved behind the same.