In accordance with laws set in Queensland regarding driver licensing, persons whose licence is suspended/expired, are unable to complete any sort of driver training, in any vehicle, on public roads. This applies to any form of licence suspension.

The following guidelines are for the period you are required to hold a class of licence before you become eligible to upgrade to a higher class.

This may be a single continuous period or made up of a number of individual periods. Any time your licence is suspended/expired cannot be included when calculating the period.

If you have not held your licence for the required period, you are still able to complete driver training, but cannot sit the practical driving test until the required holding period is met.

Licence class held Required holding period Next eligible licence class

C At least 1 year since test LR or MR

C At least 2 year since test HR

LR or MR At least 1 year since test HR

MR or HR At least 1 year since test HC

HR or HC At least 1 year since test MC

For further information contact QLD Transport – 13 23 80 or

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