Spending time at home also means we are eating or over-eating at home. A healthy diet contributes to building immunity and helping the body’s ability to fight against infections. Here is a guide to foods that should be avoided and foods that can be included more into your daily diets.
Excessive salt intake: Ready-made snacks, canned/tinned foods, processed, frozen foods, and pickles have a lot of salt content. Excessive intake of salt (>5g/day) is termed unhealthy and can potentially lead to a variety of health issues such as increased blood pressure, obesity, worsening diabetes, water retention, etc.
Sugar intake: Desserts, ice-creams, juices, aerated drinks, and store-bought snacks tend to have excess sugar content which is unhealthy for both general as well as oral health. The use of natural sugar substitutions such as jaggery, honey, etc should be practiced.
• Fat intake: WHO recommends that only 30% of your food intake should consist of fats and out of this, only 10% should be saturated fats. This can be followed by avoiding deep-fried foods and switching to other methods such as boiling, steaming, grilling, or pan-frying. Good oils such as olive or sunflower oils can be used instead of butter, coconut oil, or other fatty options.
• Cold foods: Over consumption of ice or cold foods can affect your dental health as well as make you more susceptible to catch a common cold. It is hence best to avoid this during this time.
• Refined foods: Rice, white bread, pasta, etc should be substituted with whole wheat options.
• Beverages: Avoid over consumption of coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, sugary juices, etc. These contribute to your daily sugar intake.
• Alcohol intake: Excessive consumption of alcohol should be avoided. Not only does it add to the daily calorie intake, but it also reduces immunity, interacts with medications, and affects your mental health.

.Wholesome, fresh, home-cooked meals
• Fiber-rich foods: Vegetables such as corn or potato, fruits such as berries, and wholegrain cereals have high fiber content and help you to feel full. This in turn prevents you from over-consuming unwanted foods for longer periods.
• Water: This plays a major role in the body’s immunity. Swap unhealthy drinks with water to reduce calories and be more healthy.
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