The difference between actual and expected results is experience. This experience is gained after spending years in the industry and this is what a Professional is made up of. Our Quality Assurance Training helps you to gain this experience.

Team of Professional Instructors:

Our Team of Professional instructor can help you walk smoothly on this bridge. The interactive nature of Quality Assurance Training provides you with a chance to ask questions and present your viewpoint on various topics hence sharing of knowledge can help resolve ambiguities.

Get to know the real stuff:

On the way to assure the quality you will be meeting many challenges it may be devising your test planning strategy , choosing candidate test cases , assigning resources for different testing cycles or it may be setting up priorities.

Academic knowledge can help only let you understand what a particular thing means but how it will be implemented and when it is most needed , what could be the alternate in case of failure these things are known after constant practice and only someone who has spent his/her years in this field . As many of practices and theories have either became obsolete and they are still part of academics due to not so frequent nature of books getting updated or revised or those theories have not proved to be productive.

Hands on practice:

You will be performing some hands on practice on a project so we can simulate a real world scenario how Quality Assurance is performed for a project in step by step manner. When you will be facing the real world you will be knowing how things are “well performed “. Skipping the hit and trial method of learning things.

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Live Projects:

Live projects can help you gain real world advantage over theory and concepts. Regular assessment and support can put you on the track where other professionals already are.

These projects have been designed in such a manner that a novice will learn who to move forward and an experienced person will be having more on his/her career portfolio under domain he /she has worked on.

As the name indicates, “Live project” these will be under constant monitoring of the instructor and your each step will be evaluated and your mistakes will be corrected then and there. When you will be joining the work you will already be having a project experience.

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