In lots of professions if you don't hold all the relevant qualifications you can work your way up from the bottom and learn on the job through experience instead. There are some jobs where this will never be the case, where qualifications are paramount and you'll be limiting your own career if you don't acquire one.

There are some careers where this will be obvious. For example, if you want to work as a doctor you will need to study for years in order to achieve that status and garner all the necessary knowledge. If you want to be a lawyer you will need to study law before going on to work your way up through the ranks.

When you want to become a level 3 gym instructor you will also need IREPs Gym instructing qualification. It's not just a matter of knowing your way around a gym; you will need a wealth of knowledge and experience and it will take time and effort in order to achieve that accolade. It won't take quite as long as a medical degree, but that doesn't mean that it will be really quick and easy.

Not only will you need to understand exercise and how to get the most out of your workout, but you will also need a good understanding of health and safety and nutrition as well.

A level 3 gym instructor will usually be asked about nutrition as well as exercise because whether you're looking to tone, to lose weight, or to build muscle, the two go hand in hand. If you exercise lots but still eat poorly you won't see the result you want, and dieting without exercise doesn't work much better. It's all a fine balance which you'll need to get to grips with to help you, clients, the best you can.

Most level 3 gym instructors will work in a gym in addition to taking on freelance work. You can increase your training levels and your pay packet by following your first course with the level three fitness instructor qualifications. This will allow you to work as a personal trainer, and your previous work in a gym instructor role will really help you with this.

You will also need to market yourself in order to get the best from your work. If you're working on a semi freelance basis you will also have to take on the role of the marketing team, as well as the sales team and the service side. You'll become a one-man band and your ability to work in all these different industries will be paramount to the success of your new career choice.

Becoming Level 3 gym instructors can be really rewarding if it's what you're passionate about. If it's not, you might find it just becomes another job which you don't enjoy and you will get restless quickly.

If you're a people person who wants a bit more freedom about how you work and want to do something a bit more active though, becoming a level 3 gym instructor can be the perfect move.

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