“When you make the inner as the outer, and the outer as the inner; and the above as the below; and when you make the male and the female into a single unity, so that the male will not be [merely] masculine, and the female [merely] feminine; and when you make [human] eyes to serve as [God’s] Eye, and a [human] hand to serve as [God’s] Hand, and a [human] foot to serve as [God’s] Foot, [and] a human image to serve as [the Divine] Image; then you shall attain the Sovereignty [Malkuth].

Gospel of Thomas Logion 22.b, Aramaic Core

When we look at this concept, we shall take into account insights from Dr. Francois Bothma. He is a renowned dentist and a bishop at the Home Temple Group. Consecrated as bishop in 2012, he now leads the Australian branch of the Home Temple Group. Dr. Bothma explains that the above Logion is said to contain the original direct Teachings of Jesus. This Logion instructs us to make the outer as the inner, the male and female into a single unity, our human eyes into the Divine Eye, and our human image into the Divine Image of the archetypal, cosmic Christ.

It is through this teaching that we come to realize that we are not a simple, separate unity, but a universal unity in diversity. In more simple words, we are like a great City of God, in which we play all the roles. However, at the same time we must learn to allow the separate roles to exist individually for specific purposes. Therefore we must “be” our right forefinger when it acts its part, and “be” our heart when it works its magic. In a similar way, we must “be” the Sacred Breath breathed onto a stone, and simultaneously “be” the stone itself. We never separate from any aspect, but merely refocus our attention from one to another without fragmenting or abandoning any one aspect.

It is all down to ourselves!

When we dedicate out lives to transformation, we realise that real spiritual transformation occurs in the works and interactions of daily life. In other words, The Spirit of Tiphareth, or Christhood, is achieved through practicing the Ways and Principles of Christhood in our daily lives. It is in truly ‘living’ and experiencing our moments of deepest despair and adversity that we find true Christhood by kindling the Inner Flame of Divinity through acts of compassion, love and care – for others, and ourselves.

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