Putting is a very mental task. It has very little to do with the golfer’s strength or size. Great putting is all about confidence, accuracy, focus and relaxation.

Golfers who choke on short putts and golfers who lose tournaments have difficulty managing pressure and distractions when the step on the green. They do not feel comfortable and they can not see the line and find the tempo they need to put a good roll on the ball.

Now there is a new, comprehensive program to help golfers master the mental skills they need to end choking, conquer the yips and putt like a pro when the pressure is on.

Four CD Program Shows Golfers How To Putt In The Zone

This four CD program is different from any putting program on the market. This easy to follow model shows golfers the CARE Method Of Putting. CARE stands for confidence, accuracy, relaxation and enjoyment. These are four of the mental skills that golfers of every level need to know how to activate to perform well on the greens.

Each CD program addresses one of the elements. And the program includes more than 39 tips, strategies and techniques to help golfers to putt in the zone on a consistent basis. These tips come from the fields of sports psychology and hypnosis.

How To Lower Your Golf Score With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis Free Bonus Two CD Program-A $100 Value

When you get the putting program, you will also get a copy of How To Lower Your Golf Score With Sports Psychology And Self-Hypnosis.

This program will help golfers to be confident on the first tee. It will show you how to sharpen your short game. Golfers will learn how to use mental and physical skills from other sports to play better golf. Players will also learn how to manage anger and frustration on the golf course. This eight chapter, two CD program has been used by thousands of golfers from around the world.

Free 118 Page Book Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute

Every golfer needs to know how to get into the zone before they strike the ball. How To Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute, will show golfers how to get their minds and bodies ready to score when they stand over your ball on the green, in the fairy, in a trap, behind a tree or on the green.

Free Golf Newsletters

Golfers who order the putting program will also get a free golf newsletter which includes the following articles: How To Get Out Of A Sand Trap Like A Pro, 4 Ways To Build Self-Confidence, 16 Ways To Stay Calm On The First Tee and 15 To Improve Your Putting Before You Ever Step On The Green.

These Programs Were Developed By Named One Of Golf Digest’s Top Mental Gurus

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Author and Founder of StayInThezone.com has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Good Morning America, The Iowa Golfer, The BBC, The CBC, The International Herald Tribune, Tennis, Tennis View, The Star Ledger, The Bergen Record, Sporting News and The Executive Golfer Magazine.

He has helped PGA players, Division I golfers, top ranked juniors, serious amateurs, and weekend warriors. Dr. Granat has coached elite athletes from every sport from around the world.

Free Shipping

The putting program, the sport psychology program, the book and the newsletters are just $199.95 and they include free shipping to anywhere in the world.

How To Get This Guaranteed Program

The program comes with a money back guarantee and can be ordered at StayInTheZone.com or by calling 888 580-Zone. Questions about the program can sent to Dr. Granat at info@stayinthezone.com

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Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., is The Founder of www.StayInTheZone.com. Dr. Granat is available for individual coaching and for seminars. He has developed many programs for elite athletes and for weekend warriors. He can be reached at info@stayinthezone.com or at 888 580-ZONE.