I admit it. I’ve had plenty of freak out moments about money during my fifteen year adventure as a coach. It doesn’t matter that I teach and breathe the ins and outs about the Law of Attraction, I still get ticked off when I can’t produce the results I need and want.

The real kicker is when I look back on how I was feeling before the profits dwindled. It’s always so obvious how I created my underwhelming results. I was Pushing for results. I was probably somewhat aware that I didn’t feel confident about nailing my results at the time, but didn’t take any time to course-correct how I was feeling.

I just kept pushing forward.

I watch the same process happen to the business owners I coach. By the time they have an acute awareness that they’re pushing for their profits, it’s almost too late. They’re already in a cash crisis, sicker than a dog (where did that phrase come from?!), and frazzled.

You may be thinking that you don’t push for results. Maybe you call it something else, but I’d bet money that you do it. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t feel good when you’re doing it. And it always can be boiled down to one thing…disbelief.

You don’t believe you’re going to get your intended results or that the manifestation will arrive in the perfect timing.

Just because you’re not focused on profits when you’re pushing doesn’t mean that you’re not doing it. It shows up in all sorts of funky ways.

Here are the tell tale signs you’re pushing for profits:

• You’re constantly searching for new marketing techniques.
• When you implement a new strategy in your business and you don’t get results in the first 48 hours, you worry that it’s not working.
• You say yes to clients and customers when your heart says no.
• You keep working even though you’re tired, not inspired or upset.
• You won’t raise your prices even though you know you should.
• You won’t hire someone to help you when it would truly take your business to the next level.
• You feel like you should be doing more every day to grow your business.
• You judge your success by how many things you checked off your to-do list.
• You work very hard to say the right things when talking to potential customers or writing marketing copy.
• You focus on getting money in the door quickly, but never really plan and implement strategies for long-term profit flow.
• You implement one new strategy after another when you don’t get immediate results.

This pushing vibe can be kicked to the curb like the bad habit it is, very simply. However, it takes guts, balls, gusto … whatever you want to call it. It can even take a man’s man down to his knees when he’s trying to get off the adrenaline kick.

Here’s a simple solution that may prove challenging (or not, it’s your choice).

Rather than push toward the goal, push away from your desk or phone. Yep, put yourself on a time out until you identify what belief is driving the push. You don’t have to rid yourself of the belief in that moment, just identify and breathe. Breathe deep belly breaths while you imagine pulling your energy back into you. When you push for results, you’re randomly throwing your energy and focus all over the place (whether you are aware of it or not).

Ask yourself how you’d move forward on this project or task if you knew that you’d get the end result no matter what you did. When you feel centered, move forward.

That’s it. Your solution is to ‘push away from the push.’

You don’t have to rewire your thinking about profits all at once. That’s a day-to-day practice. Work with each ‘pushing’ thought as it pops up.

I experience ‘the push’ as a lot of mind chatter in the background of my head that I can’t even articulate. It’s like a radio station that’s full of static. A bit irritating but not enough to stop me from moving forward. I have to make a conscious decision to stop whatever I’m in the middle of and sit still. Sometimes I don’t want to stop. But I do.

If you commit to a month of stopping in the middle of your oh-so important quest for cash and allow yourself to be more easy about it, I promise you’ll have brighter ideas, faster sales conversions and happier customers….because you’ll be more attuned to what is truly in your best interest.

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