Punjab is known for its name other than its agriculture and its happy-go-lucky people. It means land surrounded by five rivers. The names of these rivers are irrelevant to what we are going to discuss. They are easy to Google and get enlightened. Why waste time over writing one more article on the same. Punjab News has its reason to be proud of. Punjab has the most fertile land in the whole India that has resulted from the riverbanks. Most of the wheat production comes from this particular state. Delhi is not joined to Punjab still the population of Delhi has a healthy percentage of Punjabis. Delhi news has made many latest news headlines reporting many entrepreneurs from Punjab who has contributed in economical state it is now.

People from Punjab are known for zeal and enthusiasm for any task they take in their hand. They inherit these characteristics just by being from this state. They make fine soldiers. Punjab regiment is known for its bravery and courage with which they fight in wars and battles. It has filled latest news during the wars we fought against Pakistan. The story was repeated in battle fought in Kargil. It has also filled Rajasthan News apart from Politics played in Capital state. People have their patriotism and valor to remember them even after their life.

They are also great music lover. Bhangra and Giddha are very popular dancing arts in whole India that are from this state. They even have made presence in Bollywood movies and songs. With the loud beats and heart-felt freedom their songs rule DJ Parties and entertainment channels. Punjab news has its influence from its people. It has always covered the vibrancies of their lives more than any other activity.

Punjabis were also a part of controversy in Indian history and many latest news headlines then once. Certain fanatics among them marred their name and whole India had paid for such bad actions. Repercussions were huge and history is not easily forgotten. Nevertheless they will always remain one of the best communities in India.

Question is not about Punjab news or Rajasthan News galleries. Question is how something is represented in places where everybody is watching intently. Places like news! One must keep following trails left by the real thing and not just anything that is being hyped for the financial benefit. We have to learn from history. Forces have always tried to create differences so huge that we won’t find ourselves in place of compromise. We have a community to learn from. We don’t have to repeat our past.

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