The main role of the public relation is to develop the channel of communication and organize understanding with proper information. The public relations engross in assessing and supervising the public attitudes and uphold common relation and understanding between public and an organization. It is closely associated with event marketing for generating interest of the potential client. This type of relation is helpful for politicians who entice the vote, raising money, making public image and legacy.

It is widely utilized by corporations who communicate the information about their products and services to potential customers, corporations who reach local government and legislators, and the non-profit organization that includes school, hospitals, social service agencies etc. to enhance the support of their programs such as fund raising programs, awareness programs, and to increase patronage of their services. Different techniques for public relations are used in today’s time by the public relation experts such as polling, opinion, and focus groups.

In order to assess public opinion, variety of high tech techniques are combined for distributing information on behalf of their clients that includes the satellite, feeds, internet, database-driven phone banks and broadcast faxes. In all the organization, public image is must and the role of <Public Relations experts becomes relevant in crises. In today’s time, public relation course is present in the educational institution and as a career public relation experts are hired in government institutions and private companies that actively market the services, product, and facilities.

The activity of designing, developing the theme activity and promoting the activity for marketing is called event marketing. Organizing an event is not a child’s play and it requires lot of effort and hard work to make one event successful. There are various types of events that can be classified in four sections. The first one is a leisure event that includes leisure sport, recreation, fashion events, media events, music etc. Second is cultural event that is related to art, ceremonies, heritage, religious events, and folklore. Third section of category includes birthday’s events, anniversaries, weddings that are called as personal events. In addition, the last one is corporate events, which include commercial, expo. Events for charity, politics, sales, and product launch etc. There are several types of marketing and advertising techniques used to entice people to attend an event, and event marketing is one of them. Event types could include sports events, seminars, festivals, workshops, air shows, conventions, fundraisers etc.

However, the brand experience can assist the brand to be there and have the real space that makes real connection. This type of marketing means many diverse things to diverse people in the advertising industry.

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