Being a 2nd-era

method, Rebecca , acknowledged on APN  as “Psychic
Medium Rebecca ,”was raised in a family members that encouraged the exploration
of your head. “My mother was a healer and gave

readings, but she also had a degree in psychology and worked in
counseling,” says Rebecca . “So, from an early age, my twin sister and I had
been encouraged to discover and join with our inner selves. Every day meditation
was considered vital and tuning into a higher feeling of spirituality felt
risk-free.” Following receiving her very first

looking through at the age of nine, Rebecca  designed a voracious
appetite for your metaphysical. “I used to be moved by how correct the studying
was, And I needed to know more.”


Rebecca  believes that being a twin helped her hone her

expertise. “My sister And that I always had an unspoken vocabulary
between us. That bond definitely helped me cultivate my skills.” Immediately
after substantial education, they both equally enlisted in the military and
accomplished a four-12 months tour. After they returned towards the U.s,
Rebecca  pursued a career in legislation enforcement like a probation officer.
“That path produced full sense to me—it’s a mixture of my father’s work in law
enforcement and my mommy’s do the job in counseling.” Through that time, whilst
education for a triathlon, Rebecca  decided to shift paths and pursue a career
as being a professional cyclist. She retired from legislation enforcement and
began racing at a pro-stage while simultaneously pursuing a grasp's diploma in
schooling. “All the even though, I was however very fascinated inside
metaphysical and was looking through textbooks about

talents. I knew I received a heightened intuition because men and
women have continually gravitated to me for steering. I generally knew details
without knowing how or why I knew them, and individuals glimpses into my talents
finally led me to pursue formal instruction.”


Rebecca  attended a school modeled immediately after the Berkeley

Institute where she studied spiritual progress, channeling, and
learned to read auras. “Even though in that software, my skills genuinely
commenced to come back through and sharpen extremely easily. I started to
understand which the issues I’d been seeing my entire daily life were

photos or messages, but I’d by no means used the time to give any
significance to what I used to be sensing. It wasn’t until eventually I began to
concentrate in on it that it grew to become clear. At very first, I didn’t
always comprehend precisely what was happening, but I knew it was a lovely
point.” During one of her readings, Rebecca  saw a spirit and, inspired because
of the encounter, enrolled in a 3-calendar month very long intensive software
that targeted on medium operate. She then accomplished a difficult remote
viewing education training with Dr. Paul. H. Smith (Key, US Army, ret.), a
former new member of what ultimately grew to become often known as the Star Gate
army remote viewing application. From there, she went on to launch her own
business and began supplying readings professionally. She has because been
employed to do remote viewings for many lacking people circumstances in addition
as some main large-profile scenarios, such as a lookup for Amelia Earhart’s
downed aircraft. “I benefit from the humanitarian dynamics in the function. I
like understanding that I’m accomplishing a thing that is certainly supporting

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.