A psychic reader is someone skilled in the art of giving a predictive or clairvoyant reading to a client or sitter. The sitter would have this type of service as they wish to know about the future, have certain questions they would like an answer to, require guidance about any change in direction within their life and in addition any question about a persons life whilst here on the earth plane is fair game for an answer within a psychic reading.

Generally good psychics will not answer questions about pregnancy or health, these things should be directed to a health care professional. There are many different levels of psychic reader ranging from those who simply feel impressions about a person together with an empathic nature, to those that are skilled in the true art of clairvoyancy.

To be a real clairvoyant requires a certain level of spiritual awareness that is not available to the every day lay person, it is a finely honed skill to be able to bring through messages of this type and this is because it is not simply the reader picking up impressions from a person, but no dear reader it is the art of someone in touch with other separate entities which are often their spirit guides, these are guides which we all have from birth which stay with us on our earth journey returning to the spirit realms with our soul essence once our physical journey is complete and we go through the transition.

They will also use spirit helpers and other guides which exist in the spirit realms and like to help mankind and its issues. These are spirits that may or may not have walked the earth. There are also angels which can be called upon during a reading and of course the spirits of loved ones which the sitter is trying to reach and this would be during a medium reading.

So a real clairvoyant is someone linked to the spirit side who will have the ability to decipher communications using symbols, audio or visual means beyond the normal senses using their sixth sense.

Yes there are some true professionals out there and I can guarantee if you have a real clairvoyant reading you will never look at life the same again. A great reader will tell you what you are thinking about even before you utter a word, and this is because the spirit helpers are tuning into you and can feel what it is you are seeking.

A psychic reading can reach parts other advice simply cannot, as it is like using your own spiritual support system which is far more advanced than simply advice from well meaning friends or family.

Clever people from all walks of life use psychic readings for that extra edge in life, which can help a business gain competitive advantage, gain closure on a non event relationship, have a peep at what’s around the corner and a warning of hidden enemies and the best way to deal with them!

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Rachel writes for the metaphysical industry and is a reiki master, and spiritualist, all articles are unbiased and fact based. Recommended websites are:

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