Amazon product reviews are just as important as Amazon product listing optimization services. Sellers have understood the importance of Amazon reviews and are trying to find ways to get good reviews. According to research, almost 95% of customers look for reviews before buying any product. The number of reviews (positive ones, of course) plays a huge role in sales. Reviews can be a deal-breaker for your new product, whether it has high sales or not. With this, we can say that good reviews mean a high conversion rate. Getting reviews is not an easy task, you need to have a good strategy in mind. What is an ideal revision rate? If you are new to Amazon, you will be surprised how difficult it is to get good reviews. The criticism rate (good or bad) is quite low. So the good conversion rate is between 1% and 2%. Whereas products with an amazon product review rate of 5% or higher could block the review block.

Pro Tips for Getting Reviews on Amazon

Follow Amazon guidelines

Like any other platform, Amazon has its guidelines that must be followed. There is an FAQ page that you can refer to for more information. One thing to ensure is that all comments/reviews must be authentic as no false reviews are allowed.

  2. Sell Good and Genuine Products

You should focus more on the quality of your product, rest, everything will fall into place. No matter how hard you market your product, if it's not genuine or low-quality, don't expect to have a good conversion rate and good reviews. To get great reviews, try to improve the quality of your product and packaging, once the customer likes your product, they will write good reviews themselves.

  3. Ask Customers For Feedback

You can communicate with all of your customers with a personal note on their packaging. These are known as product inserts. Put up a beautifully designed card that can instantly grab the customer's attention. Ask them to give their opinion if they liked the product. However, some things are not allowed in these inserts, such as You cannot request a 5-star review or good reviews. It is up to the client what to write and how many grades to give. As an Amazon marketer, you can only request feedback. Another thing Amazon does not accept is bribery. You cannot send a gift card or refund in exchange for a 5-star rating. Also read: Amazon Ads in 2020: Amazon Advertising Management Service

  4. Shoot An Email

Building a mailing list can be a tough job for any Amazon marketing agency, but it's worth it. You can then email everyone on your list to generate sales and ask them to rate the product you previously ordered. Emailer is undoubtedly an efficient way to get in touch with all your customers at low prices.

5. Use Facebook For Reviews

  Using Facebook for reviews might be an indirect way to get reviews, but it is very effective. The Amazon seller can create a buyer list and then create an ad to request Amazon product reviewsf. The main disadvantage of this technique is that it is quite expensive. So choose this method wisely.

6. Request A Review

  You can choose the "Request a review" button. This feature allows the Amazon seller to submit the amazon product review request. If the button is selected on the order page, Amazon will automatically send an email with an automated email requesting a amazon product review.

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