The relationship between man and woman is always complicated and more so at the present time. Talking about ghosting, it's unlike pulling away. Ghosting is the act of finishing up the personal connection with one unexpectedly and with no explanation withdrawing from all communiqué.

Getting emotionally attached and then getting ghosted by your men is the most common issue nowadays. That's why here is this post, I am talking about the reasons "Why women get ghosted by men?"

Why men ghost women?

At first, whether men finish up ghosting or not have nothing to do with "How good women you are."

Instead, it has to do everything with the worth shown up and the passionate relationship you and your partner have.

In number, the good-hearted women get easily left into the dirt simply by their men.

The same is factual of the very good-hearted men also. Many good-hearted men are also simply left ghosted, cheated, and abandoned by womens too.

This isn't all about being a very good-hearted person.

Look at explanations for "Why women get ghosted by men?"

Many wonder whether the commons reasons are applicable to all the men or not.

And the answer is a big "Yes."

Reason no-1

Men do not know what actually they want from her-

Even after getting into a relationship, men never understand what they want from their partner. There are many cases seen in which men easily end up relationships with their women after being in connection for an even longer duration.

Most of the time, men are found to be incredibly confused. They fail to reach a conclusion, whether to finally ask her for getting married or just to have sex to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

It's true that a man without getting more personal to their partner easily reaches the final judgment that she cannot fulfill desires as she isn't attentive towards them.

Unless you explain to her, tell her what you want, your expectations, and how she can fulfill all your needs.

Many men simply block their partner on social sites, block their calling number, and she lastly fails to get the answer "what's wrong with their men," and she ends everything on her side saying "I got ghosted," based upon the circumstances stands in front of her.

Reasons no- 2

No emotional attachment is found-

Remember, if men found not having an emotional attachment with their partner, it would be easier for them to ghost her. It includes if he's had sex, taken her to the dinner, or had talked online.

Though it's bitter that it's none of us fault, and we all live in an era where ghosting is common and easier. It doesn't matter how much emotional connection and emotional attraction you have. 

If your men don't have these two, they will easily end up a relationship with you, saying they have become bored with you.  

And what next is the ending of the relationship, and she would remain unaccompanied, saying, "I got ghosted."  

There's an inconvenient truth if the relationship between two of them doesn't have enough emotional attraction, then being into a relationship won't worth both men and women's time.

Men's emotional investment and devotion towards her will only go if he has emotional magnetism and emotional bonds.


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