Online shopping may be one of the best things to happen since sliced bread. Today, from the comfort of your home, you can order a product online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. But sometimes, your product may be delivered, yet you will not find it at your doorstep. Why? Porch pirates.

Porch pirates are thieves who steal packages left outside doors by couriers. With online shopping on the rise, incidents of lost packages have escalated. In fact, according to an article in The New York Times, in 2019, in New York City alone, about 90,000 packages went missing. And since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, incidents of lost packages have risen even further. According to a 2020 survey by Value Penguin, 1 in 5 Americans reported being victims of porch piracy, and 33 percent knew a victim of porch piracy.

Porch pirates are a menace. Thankfully, porch piracy is preventable. To protect yourself from porch pirates, you can remove your package from your porch as soon as it is delivered. But sometimes, this is not always possible. So here are five tracking tools you can use to protect your products from porch pirates.

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance cameras are an excellent way to deter porch pirates. However, security cameras are not a foolproof measure to protect your package from theft. Some porch thieves will still have the audacity to steal your package even though they are being watched. Fortunately, according to a study, only 8 percent of porch pirates make an effort to mask their identity. Therefore, if your package is stolen and the thief is caught on camera, video footage can help the police identify the thief and help you reclaim your property.

Video Doorbells
Surveillance cameras can ward away porch pirates. But if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution, you may want to consider a video doorbell. Small and fairly inexpensive cameras like the Ring doorbell cameras can discourage porch thieves from stealing your package. A video doorbell typically consists of four parts: a motion detector, a mobile app, a camera, and a two-way communication device. Here is how it works.

The motion detector signals someone is on your porch. Next, your mobile app will inform you of the person's presence. Then, the video camera will show you what the person is doing on your porch on the mobile app. And finally, if you wish, you can use the communication device to talk to the person on your porch. These integrated features make video doorbells an excellent way of preventing package theft.

Motion Sensor Porch Lights
Ensuring your doorstep or front porch is lit is an inexpensive way to deter porch pirates. Motion sensor lights monitor movement and are automatically triggered when motion is detected. And if you bought lights that did not come with a motion sensor, do not worry. You can easily add motion detection to your existing porch light without the need for any wiring.

Package Tracking
In some neighborhoods, thieves often trail delivery trucks and steal just-delivered packages from doorsteps. To prevent this, courier services like FedEx and UPS allow you to track your package online. And for added security, you can even request signature confirmation when the package is dropped off. By choosing to purchase products from companies that empower you with live delivery tracking through a proof of delivery app, you can grab your packages before the pirates even have a chance to plunder your porch.

Smart Locks
Surveillance cameras, video doorbells, motion sensor lights, and package tracking are all excellent measures to put in place to prevent package theft. Unfortunately, they are not foolproof measures. However, smart locks can safeguard your package from theft. They can enable you to unlock your doors remotely and have packages delivered inside your home once the delivery arrives.

But, if you are skeptical about a random delivery person entering your home, you can opt to use Amazon Locker instead. If you purchase your products from Amazon, Amazon Locker will provide you with numerous locations where your package can be delivered. To use the service, select a locker at checkout, and once your package is dispatched, you will receive a passcode that unlocks the locker.

With package theft on the rise, you can protect your precious packages from theft by adopting these five measures.

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Reggie Moore is a professional writer and proto-entrepreneur. When not trying to tinker with a new thing, process, or idea, Reggie can usually be found saying the words “Well, actually…” to an unsuspecting bystander.