Everything connected to you gives out clues of your personality. The newspaper you read and hold each morning has your prints all over it and the ideas that interest you. Your house bills and grocery receipts tell how much you are capable of consuming and pay for. You probably wrote in your notepads important contacts you need to remember. The brand and usual color or style of your clothing and perfumes hints on what will tempt your senses. Maybe unlike your full name, address and contact numbers that will make you a direct subject, yet clues can still reveal secrets. A few carefully constructed words plus a good acting, your credit history, employment status, family members health insurance numbers/codes can be accessed.

The usual target of frauds is your credit history, the people and agencies you are banned to borrow money from and those still willing to lend. Hackers can use account numbers for more purposes that emptying bank balance and credit score. They can destroy reputation. The good thing is there are lending bureaus keeping records of those who attempted to claim and were able to use personal information to earn others credit score. Bankruptcy court records are among the references useful to real estate and lending industry on which individuals can be trusted and only accept decent help.

To protect your personal information there are websites that offer security codes for your important numbers, like for your bank account pins. If you want to do a Background Check of people around your family there are online criminal records to help you.

You can not hide your personality, no one can. So it is your choice on how to keep it for your own use. Will it be by prevention through blocking others unauthorized usage of your personal information? Or cure, as in learning the penalty for those who victimized? It all revolves around information so pick your sources well.

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