If you are a seeker of inner peace, you must protect your mind and keep it free from stress and anxiety.  We were not designed to be in stress and tension all the time, yet, too often, we all seem to live our lives that way.  It is easy to live in a state of worry and definitely more challenging to pay attention to protecting our minds so we can live in a peaceful state.  Yet like everything else in life, if you desire to enjoy your time on Earth in good health, you need to pay attention to where you are placing your energy.   Chaos is always around us but it doesn't need to be internalized so that it lives inside of you.  The ideal state for good health and prosperity is to live in a state of inner peace.  Worry is a thief.  It will rob you of your state of mind and inner peace while peace, on the other hand, allows you to maintain a right perspective.   For example, if you worry about your health all day long, you are placing your sickness or problems up front as your leader and controller.  Next time you catch yourself worrying, make a conscious effort to change your thoughts.  Let the worry remind you to switch gears; guard your mind and replace all worry and fear with peace and joy.  Tell your mind that you have turned over a new leaf and are choosing to allow your God to take all your troubles and worry and bring you back into a state of good health and peace of mind.  Maybe it is time for you to place all of your faith and trust in your Creator?   Living a stressful and worrisome life will only move you closer to a life of pain, suffering and deterioration.  Stress can kill!  Worry will weaken and destroy!  Sickness and disease are the end results of those conditions and negative thoughts.  You can heal your life when you are conscious of where you are placing your focus.  Stay in peace and don't let worry rob you or your quality of life.  If you want to heal your life, you must put a stop to worry once and for all.  It is time for you to move into a place of inner peace because it is only in that state that you will be in a position to manifest all that you need to heal your life.

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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed Intuition Girl, has created an extraordinary lifestyle using her uncanning, insightful intuition abilities. Joan Marie is sought after across the world as a trusted advisor, coach, and lifestyle design expert. Her teachings have been called, "inspirational," "unbelievably insightful," "the ultimate guide," and rave reviews continue to come in. Joan Marie is truly enjoying her journey and the extraordinary lifestyle she's desired and deserved... The Joan Marie team believes in your abilities to create the extraordinary lifestyle you deserve. Do you believe?