Prostatitis can cause a lot of harm to men, making them painful. Without adequate and timely treatment, it will even affect men's sexual dysfunction and their daily life. In the process of therapy, prostatitis symptoms reduce does not mean recovery. Men must recognize the actual situation. For some knowledge of prostatitis, let's take a look at the following introduction.

Prostatitis is a common male disease. Not timely treatment can cause many health hazards, such as dysuria, acute urinary retention, and even male sexual dysfunction. And it can also be complicated with epididymitis, affecting sperm, leading to infertility.

Prostatitis needs to be treated in time. Patients need to persist in the treatment, and they can not stop the drug when the symptoms get better. Unfortunately, many patients often are self-conscious of their symptoms have improved, and even no symptoms, then on the unauthorized withdrawal after a period of treatment. It is impossible.

Andrology experts especially remind that the symptoms of prostatitis are diversified, and the symptoms are not proportional to the severity of inflammation. If the symptoms are relieved or temporarily disappeared, it does not necessarily mean recovery. Early withdrawal of the drug is easy to lead to a resurgence of prostatitis. It is also easy to increase the drug resistance of bacteria, which makes the follow-up treatment more difficult.

Andrology experts said that chronic prostatitis is a relatively complex and refractory disease, which generally needs at least one month of treatment. After the curative effect appears, it needs to continue to be treated for a period to consolidate. Some patients end the therapy because the clinical symptoms are relieved or disappeared. But in fact, the subjective feeling of patients is not consistent with the objective examination, and the probability of recurrence is very high.

If diagnosed with prostatitis, patients should be treated correctly and take active treatment. In the choice of drugs, the effect of some herbal therapies will be better than antibiotics, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can effectively improve the local blood circulation of the prostate and reduce inflammation. Moreover, it can affect the intracellular environment and dredge the adhesions caused by inflammatory substances and secretions.

At the same time, dredge the abnormal tissue orifice around the prostate urethra to eliminate the toxins and secretions in the prostate more smoothly, and people with all kinds of prostatitis can get a complete cure.

Some maintenance methods for prostatitis patients:

1. Supplement more zinc

The content of zinc is closely related to the prostate. And zinc deficiency can increase the ratio of copper to zinc in prostate tissue. Copper can interfere with the metabolism of androgen, which mainly decreases the activity of 3α-3β hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, increases the content of dihydrotestosterone and leads to the abnormal hyperplasia of prostate tissue.

2. Keep clean

Men's scrotum is flexible, secreting more sweat, coupled with poor pudendal ventilation, easy to hide dirt, which local bacteria often take advantage of this characteristic to invade. It will lead to prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, decreased sexual function. If you don't pay attention in time, there will be a danger. Therefore, adhere to cleaning the perineum is an integral part of the prevention of prostatitis.

3. Massage and health care

Before going to bed, do a self-massage to achieve the purpose of health care.

After suffering from prostatitis, men must treat it in time, and they should do a good job in prevention in their youth. Find a proper and timely treatment when treating prostatitis. Relief of prostatitis symptoms is not equal to rehabilitation. Therefore, they must do a good job in the follow-up treatment to thoroughly treat this disease and let themselves away from the pain of prostatitis.

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