Prostatitis patients will appear frequent, urgent, painful urination and other symptoms. In severe cases, people will have sexual dysfunction, including hypersexual desire, premature ejaculation, ejaculation pain, erectile weakening, and impotence. Therefore, prostatitis needs treatment.

The treatment of prostatitis is mainly oral antibiotics, choose sensitive drugs, and the treatment course is 4-6 weeks. Men can also select α- Receptor blockers to improve urination symptoms and pain. Unfortunately, only a few patients have acute history. Most of them are often chronic and recurrent. For chronic prostatitis, the choice of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, will be more safe and effective.

In addition to drug therapy, self-regulation is also essential. Pay attention to "three more and two less" of prostatitis protection.

Three more

1. More cleaning. Men's scrotum is flexible, secreting more sweat, coupled with poor pudendal ventilation, easy to hide dirt. Unfortunately, local bacteria often take advantage of the situation, which will lead to prostatitis, prostate hypertrophy, decreased sexual function. If men don't pay attention in time, severe infection will occur. Therefore, adhere to cleaning the perineum is an essential part of the prevention of prostatitis. In addition, it is necessary to wash the genitalia every time after sex.

2. More warm baths. Taking a warm bath can relieve the tension between muscles and the prostate and relieve the symptoms of discomfort. A regular warm bath is undoubtedly very beneficial for patients with prostate disease. If you sit in the perineum with warm water 1 to 2 times a day, you can also get good results.

3. More relaxation. Life stress may increase the chance of prostatitis. Clinical shows that when the pressure of life slows down, the symptoms of prostatitis will be relieved, so men should try to keep relaxed at ordinary times.

Two less

1. Hold your urine less. Once the bladder is filled with urine, you should urinate. Holding urine is not good for the bladder and prostate. Before taking a long-distance bus, you should empty your urine before taking the bus. If you are in a hurry to urinate on the way, you should say to the driver and get off the bus to urinate. Please don't hold your urine.

2. Less frequent sex. To prevent prostatitis, pay attention to sex from a young age. The key is to have a moderate sex life, not indulge in sex, and not be abstinent. Frequent sex will make the prostate in a congestive state for a long time and even cause prostate enlargement.

Therefore, especially in the youth with strong sexual desire, men should pay attention to control sexual life, avoid repeated congestion of the prostate, and give the prostate full recovery and repair time. Of course, excessive abstinence can cause distending discomfort, also bad for the prostate.

Through the above explanation, I believe that men should know something about prostatitis. In addition to medication, primary care is also essential. Keep clean, frequently bathe, hold urine less, and eat less spicy food. As long as you pay more attention at ordinary times and insist on doing this all the time, the effect will be perfect.

Summer is coming, maybe your symptoms will be relieved, but this recovery may be false. Adhere to the correct treatment, and then actively recheck. But one thing, that is, summer is an excellent time to treat prostatitis, and temperature will promote the effect of drugs. So seize the time and give yourself a healthy body.

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