As life pressures increase, many men neglect their physical health, and bad habits like smoking and drinking exacerbate the risk of male diseases. Bacterial infections cause most reproductive system diseases, which can lead to male infertility by causing inflammation. Prostatitis, which includes acute and chronic forms, is a common genitourinary disease affecting almost 50% of men.

Problems with the prostate will directly affect the bladder and cause cystitis. Prostatitis can cause cystitis. Bacterial prostatitis and cystitis can cause and influence each other and can exist simultaneously. Because of anatomical factors, the prostate and urethra are connected through the seminal caruncle opening in the urethra.

For patients with bacterial prostatitis, when the glandular fluid or semen is discharged into the urethra, bacteria can pollute the urethra, resulting in urethritis, and bacteria retrograde into the bladder with cystitis. The urine of patients with cystitis can retrograde into the prostate tissue through the opening of the seminal caruncle when urinating, and bacterial prostatitis is complicated, especially when there is urinary retention or urine retention.

Therefore, if prostatitis is not promptly treated, it will cause cystitis and other secondary infections and affect male fertility. Cystitis is a urinary system disease that can change the patient's urination habits, affect the patient's life, and even cause other complications. Thus, if men have prostatitis accompanied by cystitis, they should go to a regular hospital for prompt treatment.

Besides, there are some other harms of prostatitis:

1. Affect work and life

Prostatitis will cause symptoms, such as frequent and urgent urination, perineal swelling pain, ejaculatory pain, etc., which will make patients agitated and seriously affect their work and life.

2. Affect fertility

Prostate secretion function is affected, and sperm motility is decreased, resulting in infertility.

3. Lead to endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders can cause mental abnormalities, neurasthenia, insomnia and dreams, fatigue, dizziness, slow thinking, memory loss, and other symptoms.

The reproductive system is an integral part of men. Once the reproductive system has problems, male sexual ability, and fertility will be adversely affected. However, many men ignore the maintenance of the reproductive system because of busy work, resulting in an increased incidence of various diseases and complications. Therefore, men should consider their health conditions and maintain a healthy reproductive system.

How to deal with male reproductive diseases?

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

A bacterial or viral infection will increase the incidence of male reproductive systems diseases, such as papydermatitis and balanitis. Thus, men should maintain personal hygiene in everyday life. It is recommended to wash genitals with warm water daily and change underwear promptly. After cleaning the underwear, it should dry in the sun, which plays a role in disinfection and anti-inflammation. In addition, if the reproductive organs are allergic to soap or laundry detergent, you should use natural and non-irritating cleaning products.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important in keeping the male reproductive system healthy. Men should eat more nutrient-rich and low-fat foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, which can promote the functioning of the reproductive system. Takeaways should be avoided because food boxes or other wrappers, such as polystyrene, may contain toxins.

3. Quit smoking

Many men have a smoking habit and take smoking to relieve pressure. Unfortunately, smoking will cause adverse effects on male reproductive health, such as erectile dysfunction. Harmful substances in cigarettes will enter the penis artery, affecting the blood circulation of the penis and resulting in a difficult erection of the penis. Thus, men should quit smoking.

4. Strengthen disease resistance

Men should have balanced nutrition, regular and abstinent sexual life, and strengthening physical exercise to enhance disease resistance. In addition, men should maintain personal hygiene, have a healthy sexual concept, and prevent genitourinary system infection.

5. Regulate your mental emotions

Men should adjust the endocrine and nervous systems. If men are in a state of fear and anxiety for a long time, it will reduce their sexual ability. In addition, overfatigue and overexcitement of the body can also lead to mental impotence. Therefore, maintaining a good mood and an optimistic attitude is crucial for men.

In addition to healthy lifestyles, men should also develop a good habit of regular physical examination. It is recommended to have a physical examination at least once a year. In this way, reproductive system diseases can be detected in time, and prompt treatment can reduce the chance of further development of the disease. Under normal circumstances, patients can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to relieve various discomforts caused by reproductive system diseases.

In addition, men need to have regular sex. Both frequent sex and excessive abstinence can cause adverse effects on the reproductive organs and can lead to impotence and premature ejaculation in severe conditions.

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