Prosperity affirmations are the ticket to wealth and success. They condition your mind to seek out opportunities for growth. They also serve as a shout out to the universe that you're ready to handle said wealth and success. These abundance affirmations are either recited everyday as some sort of mantra or serve as a poster for everyday encouragement.

Prosperity affirmations are more effective when they come from deep within yourself. More and more people are actually making use of daily affirmations to greatly enhance their financial and personal life. To help get you started, here are some you might like to use for yourself.

Prosperity Affirmation # 1: I Now Have Lots Of Money.

This puts an emphasis on the time element. Here, you see yourself as already having a lot of money or whatever it is you're aiming for.

Just make sure to focus on the feeling of already having said money than the feeling of waiting for that money to appear. You want to attract "money already here" and not "money still waiting to happen." You may not notice it at first, but there is a big difference between these two emotions.

Prosperity Affirmation # 2: Thank You For Giving Me This Lucky Break.

This also plays on the time element. You are already saying thank you as if you have already received the blessing you so want to have.

Saying "thank you" also brings in positive emotions, which are the basic fuel for attracting the right energy from the universe.

Prosperity Affirmation # 3: I Am Grateful To Have Such A Wonderful Life.

The word "grateful" enables you to look at your life with contentment. That feeling of contentment is very powerful. It resonates in waves to the universe and attracts nothing but more contentment.

Focusing on not having anything, on the other hand, produces negative waves which only attract the same negativity back. And trust me, you don't want to get stuck in that cycle.

Prosperity affirmations are very powerful, especially when recited or read everyday. Dig deep inside yourself and combine these affirmations with feelings of contentment, happiness and gratitude.

You'll soon find all that you wish for right under your nose. The aforementioned prosperity affirmations can also be switched around. You can easily replace "grateful" with another word of the same meaning; or you could replace "money" with other things you want in your life.

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