So it’s time to replace your flooring. As we all know, home maintenance can be a pain, and floors are especially difficult when you take into account how much it disturbs your regular schedule. However, you are in luck, because we are going to make at least some part of the process easier. Namely, since you’re going into this difficult and arduous process, there is probably a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing the right materials. Today, we will give you some advice on just how good timber flooring is(nt).

Pro: Its gorgeous

Let’s get this one out of the way right now – hardwood floors are gorgeous. They have this classy, elegant shine that make any room they are in look like a million dollars. Furthermore, materials usually fade over time, but hardwood just needs to be buffed every few years, and it will look as good as new. They also have an added benefit of looking good in both modern and classic home styles as well.

An added benefit is that it comes in a variety of types. You can get a verity of wood materials, all in different colours, sizes, shades, and grain patterns. So, things like oak, walnut, cherry, pine, hickory, cypress… You will definitely find a natural colour you will enjoy.

Con: Water damage is a nightmare

Unfortunately, a big issue with hardwood flooring is water damage. Namely, you basically need to wipe down and dry a part of your hardwood as soon as water comes into contact. If there was a lot of water there, it can cause discoloration, it can raise it, and it can make it buckle. If the damage is severe enough, it might necessitate having that part of the floor completely replaced. You’ll have no choice but to go to a good store, like Carpet Right for example, and get new ones installed quickly.

Pro: Respiratory benefits

For all you people out there who have issues with allergies or just breathing in general, hardwood floors can actually make your day a bit better. Namely, hardwood flooring does not absorb things like pollen, dust, and other pollutants that can cause reactions. Unlike carpets, hardwood floors simply don’t let these particles stick to them.

Con: It doesn’t come cheap

Hardwood floors do not come cheap. However, the fact of the matter is that you can’t really put a price on quality. Still, they can be rather costly, especially if you have a large home.Installing hardwood floors also costs a pretty penny. However…

Pro: Easily restored

It’s pretty easy to restore. While we mentioned that serious water damage will force you to replace a piece of hardwood, it’s much easier to deal with compared to replacing the entire thing. As long as you prevented water damage destroying the entire floor, you can just replace a damaged section, polish it up a bit, and you’re good to go.

They are also easy to maintain and clean. All you have to do just sweep it up a little, maybe vacuum, and you are good to go. Using a wood cleaner from time to time will help you maintain its gloss and shine.

Con: Scratches come easy

One annoying thing about hardwood floors is that hey scratch easily. And sure, you can fix scratches in hardwood floors with some elbow grease and patience, but if you have dogs, or inconsiderate children and spouses, then scratches are bound to happen.

They improve your home’s value

All these benefits and costs come with one final, very useful, benefit – the value of your home. Namely, good hardwood flooring will substantially increase your home’s value, especially if you maintained it properly. People know just how good this kind of floor is, and they will invest accordingly. Trust us, you will fetch a good price on the market if you ever wish to sell your home.


And there you have it folks, a couple of pros and cons of timber flooring. So, think about your budget, how your home is set up, and just how much do aesthetics matter to you. We know it’s not an easy decision to make, but we trust you will make the right choice.

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Mia Johnson is a writer with a ten-year long career in journalism. She has written extensively about health, fitness, and lifestyle. A native to Melbourne, she now lives in Sydney with her 3 dogs where she spends her days writing and taking care of her 900 square feet garden.