OK, so like anything in life, you will be presented with both pros and cons when it comes to liquor drinking. In the right atmosphere, with the right people and good drinks, especially if they are at a fair price, drinking can be a positive social experience, but we also know that if the drink is misused or not presented under good circumstances, it can be anything but. If we focus on a country such as Dubai and regard their liquor laws with have extra factors to consider.

First of all, when thinking about liquor price in Dubai you should know that this country has the most expensive beer and wine in the world! Yes, you can stock up on duty-free, but you must research and consider the limits you are allowed to buy and carry with you into Dubai to drink in your home, because remember there is no drinking in public places such as beaches and parks.

There are clubs, restaurants and hotels which can serve you alcohol but only are allowed to do so if they have a license, which should be clearly shown within the premise. Then you have the issue of actually buying from an alcohol store in Dubai, and you must qualify and purchase a license to do so is that worth the hassle for you? For some people who are determined to buy drinks to take into any homes they may have in the country it will be worth it, others may choose to not bother and if they do want to enjoy a drink do so in the comfort of a good eating place, club or hotel.

Sure, it may be a bit more expensive but at least there are no licensing laws for you as a consumer to worry about! If you do decide you want to go down the route of obtaining an alcohol license in UAE, research online how to do so with plenty of time before your visit.

Next, we should just refresh our self with some of the more general but important issues with drinking liquor. In moderation, there are some benefits of alcohol consumption, with certain drinks showing certain benefits. Many experts agree though that the verdict is out whether any benefits could not be gained through other methods and if there is enough to recommend drink as part of a healthy lifestyle over not having it.

And of course, too much drink, binge drinking, for example, is never a good idea and will result in negative consequences.
Drinking is not a cheap habit even if you are not currently in Dubai. Prices go up in the likes of pubs and clubs every year and a lot of money could be saved if one did not spend earnings on drinking, think what else the money could be used for! Having said that though, people should be able to unwind in what way they choose, enjoy themselves, and if they enjoy alcohol as a positive social activity, or in moderation at home, then that certainly does not have to be a bad thing. After all, life shouldn’t just be about work, we need a form of letting our hair down as the old expression goes!

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