The use of green energy is as controversial as ever, but one thing no you can’t deny – it is getting more efficient, and increasingly more affordable with every passing day. Solar energy still has its disadvantages, when you opt for it as the sole power provider for your family. It may be more efficient for a homeowner to begin with small actions. One of these actions is implementing the technology of a solar water heater.

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How Do Solar Water Heaters Work?

Solar water heating system heats the water that gets pumped into your property. There are a couple of types of solar water systems that are heating active and passive.
Active systems use pumps to circulate water through a number of pipelines located in the panels. Passive systems use a storage tank, where hot water could be stored for use later on.

Pros of Solar Water Heaters

The main advantage of a solar water heater is efficient water heating. It doesn't have carbon footprint as you know solar power is free and abundant. If you live in an area that receives a lot of sunshine, as around 80% of rays is turned into heat, if you would like get off gas and hydropower, solar water heating is an excellent option, especially.

Although solar power requires an initial investment, it replaces the power you would otherwise be using through the electric company. According to your local area, the investment will eventually pay for itself in electricity savings. It’s estimated that with a solar water heating system, your water heating bill would have the ability to drop as much as 80%.

The solar water home heating system does not require much maintenance. All you need doing is circulate a water softener in the pipes every 3 years. There are few moving parts, however in general, the system doesn't produce much noise.

The solar water heater needs 2 or 3 solar panels, unlike other solar technology that require the installation of up to 16 solar panels. You’ll need some additional area for the storage space tank if you’re using the passive method, but other than that, it doesn’t take up much space.

Cons of Solar Water Heaters

Unfortunately, purchasing and installing the device is nevertheless a significant investment, and it would take up to a few years prior to starting noticing an economic advantage.

Like all solar power installations, its effectiveness and output is highly dependent on the hours of sunshine your area gets during the day.

This method can be utilized only for heating water.

Are Solar Water Heaters Worth It?

As you’ve seen, there are several benefits and drawbacks to consider with solar water heating systems. If you are interested in long-term investment and residing in areas with good sunshine, it could be the best decision to install a solar water heater, which will give you long-term benefits.

For other areas or individuals, a solar water heater won’t be that much effective. If you have planned to use a solar water heater in your home and are looking for stainless steel pipes for the purpose of installing it, you can get the best pipes from us.

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