At The, we don’t just provide professional-looking corporate headshots, but we capture our client’s personality. We specialize in professional corporate headshots, corporate headshot photography and corporate portraits.

We work with professionals of every industry and groups of any size. We approach every corporate headshot session uniquely and individually. We offer custom corporate headshots packages with the flexibility to match your individual or group needs.

Whether you come to our studio or we travel to your location, you can always depend on The Corporate Headshots Photographer to deliver the highest level of quality and professionalism. We make sure to guide you through every phase of the corporate headshot session from posing to posture and expressions.

We provide a streamlined and simple process which makes the entire session smooth and efficient. We are flexible with booking and can accommodate any scheduling requests – even last-minute deadlines.

Our years of experience shows in our corporate headshot photography and our highly-rated client reviews reflect our success and consistency. Many executives come in hoping to walk away with just one good photo but when they see all of their frames and how natural we captured them, they often end up choosing a few extras.


Wear a well-put-together outfit that makes you look sharp, fits you right, and gets you compliments. A nice outfit portrays self-assurance, experience, and personality. Fitted outfits define your posture. Slim fits enhance your physique. Tailored outfits express your individuality and always look great on camera. Pinstripes are my personal favorite. Be sure that whatever you wear is freshly laundered.

White dress shirts are universally accepted so they always work. If you prefer to wear a colored dress shirt then wear a color that you have been complimented on. Wear a color that brings out your eyes, compliments your complexion, or accentuates your personality. If you dress according to the seasons then watch your patterns. Avoid overly patterned shirts because they detract viewers.

Men, solid ties always photograph well. Solid bold colors portray power and strength. Solid light colors portray wisdom and balance. Patterned ties, when chosen effectively, will really bring out your personality. However, excess patterns will have the exact opposite effect. Avoid overly patterned ties, they can draw attention away from your face and can ruin perfectly good corporate headshots.

What’s most important is to look well put together. The better your outfit looks, the more positive attention your photo will get. My goal is to capture your corporate headshots in a way that attracts the same positive attention as a memorable first impression.

As social media networks grow and more business is conducted on the internet, the need for a professional corporate headshot becomes more essential than ever. Often times, professionals connect with their customers through the web such as company websites(, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogging. Your profile picture becomes your first impression and it is often times the first and only thing that viewers look at. For this reason, it is essential to portray yourself with a professional, personable and impactful corporate headshot.


Drink a few glasses of water before you go to bed. Hydration improves the appearance of the skin, decreases redness in the eyes and reduces the discoloration beneath them. Try to get well rested before your corporate headshots session. It is important to come to your corporate headshots session feeling fresh and energetic. Eat a good breakfast. If you drink coffee to enjoy a cup before your session. Be sure you are refreshed and alert.


Makeup should look simple, natural and practical. Bring the essential items that you carry often. Apply makeup exactly as you would for an interview or an important meeting. Take your time applying it and make it appear subtle. Bring a few shades of lipsticks and I’ll help you choose the best color for your corporate headshots session.

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Not all headshot poses are the same. Corporate headshots are different from those you'd take for an entrepreneur or other professional, for example.