The procrastination cycle is a vicious cycle that demoralises a person from taking up an activity. It instils the fear of failure and it is critical that one identifies these cycles and takes active steps to break out of the procrastination cycle

The procrastination cycle can be as simple as not being interest in Maths in school because you find it intimidating and it ultimately leading to a drop in interest in Maths and then poor grades follow.

If you associate procrastinate with a negative thought or a thought of a failure, it leads to a loss of confidence and the mountain becomes more difficult to climb.

Another simple example of this thought cycle could be where the root cause is feeling overwhelmed with too much work. This leads to procrastination which then leads to negative feelings of stress which then causes, even more, overwhelm and the cycle continues.

In order to not get stuck in this cycle, it is very important to first identify that you're willfully delaying certain activities and then maybe you can break down the activity into smaller parts and start doing the easier bits and you'll realise that you've finished everything in no time!

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