Problems Conceiving: Problems Getting Pregnant (What's The Quickest Way To Get Pregnant)

Many couples trying to get pregnant expect it to occur on there first attempt at it. Every month, there are several reasons why conception may not happen that have nothing to do with being fertile or not. You are not the only one who is having a hard time trying to conceive, so take a breath.

A couple may not be able to conceive quickly and there are several reasons that this may be the case.

1. There is only a 20% chance of pregnancy, each month, for a fertile, healthy and young couple.

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2. The average couple will need 5 to 6 months to get pregnant.

3. In 40% of infertility cases, it is caused by the man, while 40% of infertility cases are because of the woman, and the remaining 20% is because of both the female and male factors.

4. Out of every 6 coupls, one has a hard time getting pregnant.

5. For 5 days, sperm can survive within a woman's body. For only 24 hours, a released egg can survive within a woman's body. The most important factor is timing!

6. The length of your cycle needs to be studied and considered because ovulation may not occur on the typical 14th day of your cycle, as it does for most women.

7. It is even possible for a woman to ovulate during her period. It will help to figure out ovulation if the woman is aware of the length of her cycle. To help you, begin using OPKs (Ovulation Prediction Kits).

Don't worry if you fall into the category of couples having trouble getting pregnant. If you are looking to achieve your dream of becoming pregnant, there are many things you can try, both at home and with your doctor.

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Deciding to become parents is a very exciting and responsible commitment of the life. Getting pregnant is the first step and beginning of a new family. Most couples think they know very well how to get pregnant. Many people think getting pregnant is the way to just have a lot of sex. Being educated on how to get pregnant is knowledge about more than the simple intercourse activity without birth control methods. Conceiving baby is not as easy as most people think it will be. There are certain facts that you should be aware and it should be applied to your life style and your lovemaking style to be able to get pregnant and conceiving your own child.

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With the rising awareness on pregnancy, health concern and conception methods, it's very easy to misinformed about how to get pregnant fast and naturally. Getting pregnant is a very natural process and it's very easy for women but unfortunately some women find it very difficult. They need to great deal with patience and optimism. So, if you are serious about getting pregnant and becoming fertile, you need to learn deeply about how to get pregnant fast and naturally. Infertility is generally defined when couples try to get pregnant for at least one year of regular, unprotected and well timed sex.

There are several reasons behind infertility but optimizing your fertility is your priority. Taking all the information can be a bit daunting. There are many ways which can help you in getting rid of all types of infertility. The first and most important step is to read your body and ovulation to optimize your fertility.

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Most people understand that a baby gets DNA from both its mother and its father. So, a baby girl might get her blue eyes from her mother and her blond hair or athletic ability from her father. Or, a baby boy might get his singing voice from his father and his mathematical ability from his mother. But, what about a baby's gender?

I get a lot of questions about this and many of them indicate to me that there's some confusion about this topic. I often have people tell me that they don't think the mother or the woman has any influence on her baby's gender. And, I've had people also tell me that gender is determined by the mother's father (in the same way that baldness is said to be.)

I maintain that baby gender is, in its own way, determined by both parents. Yes, it is the man's sperm that will ultimately decide whether an X or a Y sperm fertilizes the egg. And, at the end of the day, it's that distinction that determines whether you will have a boy or a girl. But there are also many factors that the mother or woman has some influence over that can also influence her baby's gender as well. I will discuss this more in the following article.

The Man's Sperm Does Have A Great Deal Of Influence Over His Baby's Gender: As I alluded to, you could say that there's an equation that determines baby gender. XX will give you a girl baby. And XY will give you a boy. Here's why. The woman or mother will also contribute an X chromosome to the baby's sex. This doesn't change. The woman only has the capability to provide an X.

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The father or man, on the other hand, has two different options. He can either contribute an X or a Y via his sperm that makes it's way through the woman's reproductive tract and hopefully eventually fertilizes her egg and results in a healthy pregnancy. A man's sperm is said to contain equal amounts of both X and Y chromosomes. So, theoretically, there is also an equal chance of either X or Y fertilizing the egg and resulting in either a boy or a girl baby.

Although The Woman Always Contributes An X, Other Factors That Have To Do With The Mother Can Have An Influence On Gender: While I would never attempt to argue that anyone but the male or father makes the ultimate contribution toward gender, I also don't believe that the woman or the mother doesn't make any contribution at all.

The timing in which the woman has intercourse and the PH of her reproductive tract can all make things more or less favorable for the X and Y chromosomes. In short, the mother is the passage way that the sperm (and the chromosomes) go through on their journey. And, if the mother is acidic, this tends to favor a girl baby because such an environment is detrimental to the Y sperm. And, if the mother is alkaline, this is more conducive to boy baby. Likewise, having intercourse early in a woman's reproductive cycle favors a female conception. And having sex after ovulation or later favors a boy conception.

Also, the father or man has no control over whether he's releasing X's or Y's into the equation. But, the woman does have some control over her timing and whether she is acidic or alkaline. So, in this way, I believe the mother does make a controllable contribution to her baby's gender.

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I recently had someone who was trying to have a girl baby contact me. She was already pregnant but wanted to do everything that she could to make sure that she ended up with a girl rather than a boy. She asked me: "should I be drinking milk? Does drinking dairy when you're pregnant help you get a girl baby?"

There was really two questions here. The first was whether consuming milk or dairy helped you to conceive or become pregnant with a female child. The second was whether your diet after you're already pregnant can affect your baby's gender. I will discuss these topics in the following article.

Does Your Diet After Conception Affect Your Baby's Gender?: I'll address this question first. Your baby's gender is decided at conception. Although the sex organs aren't visible for a while, once you conceive, your baby's sex has already been decided. At the end of the day, if an X sperm fertilizes your egg, you've conceived a girl even if this isn't immediately visible. And, if a Y fertilizes your egg, you're the parents of a baby boy on down the road, even if the male organs aren't apparent for some time.

So, your diet after conception isn't going to change what has already taken place. That's not to say that a healthy diet (which includes dairy) isn't important for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. They are. They just don't factor into your baby's gender if they happen after conception instead of before it, which leads me to my next point.

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Eating Acidic Foods Before Pregnancy Can Increase Your Chances Of Having A Girl: Your diet before you become pregnant can affect your baby's gender. The reason for this is that the foods you eat can affect whether your reproductive tract is alkaline or acidic. If it is acidic, this increases your chances for a girl because this is detrimental to boy sperm. If you are alkaline, this is much better for the boy sperm which in turn increases your chances for a boy.

Along these same lines, milk and dairy foods are more acidic. So consuming them can help you to become more acidic which would increase your odds of a daughter. However, just adding one food to your diet may not be enough to change your PH and acidity. Women will often do a short overhaul of their diets when they're trying to conceive and influence their baby's gender.

You can test yourself before you make any changes to your diet to see where you're falling to determine what types of dietary changes you might want to make. Also, douching can help to change your PH also, so you have some other options other than just diet.

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