Umrah is a consecrated excursion and a resource for Muslims to achieve divine power and excavate their relationship with the Almighty Allah. It is essential to attain a broad understanding of carrying out these substantial religious rites before departure. Numerous travel agencies around the world guide pilgrims to aptly execute the Umrah pilgrimage and offer several packages for pilgrims to opt for. Pilgrims choose among the accessible Umrah packages based on their budget and necessities. In this article, we’ll share a few prime pieces of advice with first-time intending pilgrims to conveniently perform their pilgrimage.

 Acquire Proper Vaccines

Saudi’s Health Ministry observes a thorough inspection of health requirements to avert transferrable diseases as there is a hefty gathering of around two million Muslims in the Holy Land every year. Therefore, it is vital to prepare before carrying out the Umrah pilgrimage by getting vaccinated. Vaccines are made compulsory before one can perform the pilgrimage to provide a guard against infectious diseases, such as Yellow Fever, Poliomyelitis Seasonal Influenza, and Meningococcal. Before commencing for Umrah, pilgrims are obliged to complete their vaccination (including boost doses) with the following ascribed vaccines:

• Johnson & Johnson
• Moderna
• Oxford/AstraZeneca
• Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty

 Expect & Prepare for a Slight Language Barrier
It's exciting to fathom that people in KSA communicate in Malay, English, and several other lingos, due to their exposure to diverse cultures across the globe. One can hear while visiting the markets, the vendors calling out in Malay, “Harga Bagus-bagus Semua, Murah-murah, Beli Beli” (good quality, cheap prices, please buy!) recurrently with colossal smirks across their faces. It will be adequate to comprehend the chief idea. However, while asking for directions, it is recommended to ask a few people so that one might not get lost in translation and misconstrue the directions. Remember to smile and wave at the culmination of the conversation.

 Dress Conferring to the Weather

The weather in Saudi Arabia is a prime factor that increases the strain for pilgrims. Temperatures in the summer season i.e., May-October, arrays from 28-45 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in the winter season, i.e., December-February, range from 17-33 degrees Celsius. Keeping in view such harsh weather conditions, it is advised to pilgrims to dress lightly if it’s the summer season and dress heftier for the winter season. There are also different kinds of ihram available for these two seasons. Therefore, pack the clothes accordingly. Moreover, invest in good-quality and comfortable footwear. It is important to consider this little advice that generally it is not an effective idea to buy a new pair of shoes as it entails time for it to be worn in. If there are no suitable shoes available, buy a pair in advance and wear those shoes while walking or working out to get yourself accustomed to those shoes.

For men, as it is known, that they are required to keep the ankles and the front part of their foot remain exposed whilst they are in Ihram. Therefore, it is recommended for them to wear a flat, soft pair of sandals or slippers. They are idyllic about going to the mosque and coming back to the hotel. Moreover, they are a lot easier to carry around in the hands.

 Getting Accustomed to the Local Norms

Umrah offers a chief opportunity for pilgrims to get to learn about the Arab culture and lifestyle. Some of the important facts that first-time pilgrims might need to know include:
1. They typically nap in the afternoon, following a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H called ‘Qailoolah’. And for this reason, there are not many shops opened in the afternoon.
2. They are generally more active at night, particularly during winter.

3. The shops operate extended hours during the weekend, which falls on every Friday and Saturday.

4. Do not get aggressive and lose your head. Just react politely while reminding yourself of your resolve there. Allah perceives everything and He recompenses our compassion and gentleness.

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